Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 months ~ and working on my fitness

My lil' man is 5 months already and I still can hardly believe it :) I am so so blessed to be his mommy and I thank God every day for sending us this happy, active, curious little boy. 

Some highlights of the past month so I don't forget: 

  • Caught on video: Elliott's first continuous laugh outburst (you know, those contagious baby laughs lol) when I asked my hubby to distract him while I was cutting his fingernails - my DH started waving his hands with a silly face and saying 'whohoohoo, whooohooo' over and over again and for some reason, it cracked him up, for like, 2 minutes straight lol
  • He hates sitting back in his bouncy chair now, he's always lunging forward and wanting to sit upright - although, I borrowed a Bumbo* from a friend and he doesn't seem to want to sit in it for too long
  • He started grabbing his toes and feet while lying on the changing table 
  • Still working on his grasping skills - he can usually grab his toys and shove them in his mouth but sometimes I see him getting frustrated and instead of grabbing the toy his fists are balled up and he basically uses his forearms to shove it into his mouth 
  • He's had the odd wake-up-fussing-turn-into-screaming-bloody-murder a few nights after sleeping for 2 hours or so - I would try to shush and re-assure and rock but would eventually have to nurse him back to sleep - hopefully this was an outlier and not a habit - happened a few times in the past week..for the most part, he is still sleeping 10-12 hours a night so I am praying that will stick
  • Every day E gives the biggest grin and laugh when Daddy comes in the door from work - melts Daddy's heart that's for sure ;) I smile too because then I get a break! well, if making dinner counts as a break LOL
  • We went to our first Mommy and BabyFitness class together last week! It was pretty intense and I loved working out with E and I really think he enjoyed it too - loved seeing other moms and their babies and especially the last half hour dedicated to the babies with songs, puppets, bubbles and parachute 
  • E loves it when I dance and make a fool out of myself in front of him
  • DH started putting E on a workout ball for his tummy time last week to help strengthen his arms and he loves it! We're noticing a difference in his upper body strength now
  • my wrist is still not doing so great - I'm pretty sure I have tendinitis but I haven't had time to go see a doctor so a wrist brace is helping somewhat - those darn heavy carseats and just repetitive baby lifting :(
  • OH almost forgot this - not that it's a highlight - well - neither is the previous bullet - but I got my period back last week.  I was a bit surprised it came back so soon and frankly, I could do without having to worry about that again but alas, no such luck. I guess it's time to think about birth control. huh. I don't want to go back on the pill so I need to see what other alternatives are out there - Any input would help! 
I met up with some of my co-workers today for a baby shower/lunch and the more they talked/vented about work, the more I felt like I really did not want to go back to work. or at least, back to that job. I'm really dreading it and every month that goes by I feel more anxious. I know I am really lucky to have 12 months for maternity leave. I really am. But I think that I will start looking at what other jobs in the same field are out there and see if it is worthwhile to make a change now that I have some time to think about it. 

Still catching up on some blogs but I think of you all often and I hope you are doing well!


  1. Wow...5 months old already, he is so handsome and sounds like such a happy go lucky little guy - you are truly blessed. One year of maternity leave is truly amazing and yes, I would be dreading going back to any job period let alone one that everyone in the office is not happy at. Good luck in your job search. So good to hear from you and so happy that things are going so well and you are enjoying motherhood.

  2. Holy moly that is one cute baby! It's truly absurd how fast it all goes. Addy is also absolutely in love with her Dada. He works a lot so I can stay home & it is so nice for him to see her smiling face the moment he walks in the door. I got my period back @ 6 mo & it was a bit wonky for the first couple of months & finally seems to be back to normal.

    I hope you are able to get in to get your wrist checked & that the little man stops waking up after going down for the night.

  3. Oh my gosh, your lil man is too adorable for words! LOVE HIM!!

  4. Time is going by so fast! I love his hair!

  5. He's beautiful, Wendy. So happy and so smiley. LOVELY:)

  6. Very cute! Looks like he's doing great. :)

  7. He's such a handsome little man! Love the hair and the smile!!

    I hope that you're doing well! What a blessing to have a full year off (though I doubt I can convince my husband to move to Canada if we're blessed with another one!). Leaving Ella is hard enough in a job that I feel good about--I can't imagine how challenging it would be to not feel good about my work environment. Praying for the right answers.

    (Bummer about your period...but at least things are "working").

  8. He's grown and changed so much! Hard to believe how fast time has flown (although I'm sure there's been a lot of long days and nights for you). I'm envious of his sleep schedule, hopefully Noah will stretch out his night sleeps soon!