Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prayers for Janet

hi all! It's been a while since I last posted as I was in San Francisco last week with my hubby on our 'last' vaca as a couple with no kids! It was an amazing trip and I'll write more/post pics later - but for now, just wanted to focus on prayers for Janet as Laura updated this morning that her water broke. Please continue to pray for her and Madison and that she will not have any contractions and that Madison will stay put for another 5 days (that's when dr.'s can give her antibiotics) - she continues to be strong and trusting that God is watching over them - she needs our prayers and support right now so let's do that and watch a miracle happen right before our eyes.  


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marginal Sch-marginal and 19 weeks

So apparently I have marginal placenta previa. Great. 

I had my last appt with my OB on Tuesday and she said the results of the level II ultrasound all came back great - except that one thing to monitor and watch out for.  She didn't go into detail about anything but did mention that it was common (not normal) but in a lot of situations the placenta corrects itself as the baby grows.  From what I gather, this will really only affect the birth plan, and if it doesn't move by then, I can't do a vaginal birth. 

I am not so keen about a c-section but really, I will do whatever it takes to get Sprout out into this world safely and into our arms.  I can't say I'm not disappointed though - so the next few months I will be praying that the situation corrects itself and that this is all going to be a moot point at the end.  Because of this, I will likely be getting another u/s around 32 weeks to see what it looks like then.  I am grateful we get to see Sprout one more time (I thought the last one was our last) but I wish it was under different circumstances)

Anybody had a similar diagnosis and stories to share? 

This is what it looks like (I'm the one on the left) 

Oh before I let that get me all down - I'm 19 weeks as of yesterday! That is so crazy to me that I am actually almost at the half way mark. 5 months ago I didn't know what my body was doing and had to trust that God was in control and that I shouldn't worry so much - and here we are today, with a 'normal' progressing pregnancy and starting to think of things that might really happen this time.  I still can't bring myself to look at baby furniture yet, but perhaps in a few more weeks (heck I haven't even bought mat clothes yet - yes I know I should get on that - Christa you made a good point about sizes being gone and now I'm panicking a little!) 

I'm always on the lookout for deals (that ship to Canada) so if you hear of any - let me know!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bumpity bump

While uploading pics to FB the other day, something terribly wrong happened and I had to re-format my memory drive for the camera and I lost all my growing bump pics! (as well as the pics of the BFP stick) :( .  Anyhoos, here are recent pics of me and la-bump that is starting to grow (at 17 weeks).  I think I'll hold off a week or more to go shopping for maternity clothes - right now I live in dresses and skirts and my yoga pants!  I realize the irony of posing next to a whale - but it was cute! LOL

Also - please, please continue to pray for Janet at Trust in God and her baby girl Madison.  You can find more specific prayer requests on Laura's blog here. Miracles happen and the power of prayer is truly amazing!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cry me a river

Oh boy, and did I ever.  I'm talking, shoulders shaking, staggered breath- taking, wailing type of crying.  That was Saturday night.

What happened?  It really started out quite innocently.  DH and I finally sat down to plan out our itinerary for our upcoming SF trip and I picked a fight.  I was upset when I felt that he wasn't more 'excited' about the trip and in a matter of moments, that turned into a full blown - "it's going to be the LAST trip just US TWO, FOREVER!" - queue sobbing and hysterical crying for the next half an hour.

I don't know what came over me - well, I know it's hormones but seriously there was NO STOPPING IT. I tried to breathe, drink water, but the tears just coming  - the feelings of this is THE END of DH and me, and that future trips will never ever be the same. And why wasn't DH as upset as I was?  How come he seems so 'cool' with the fact that we'll never be the same?  

I am elated to be pregnant and estastic to start a family - so what gives?

I calmed down eventually - and by the time I woke up the next morning, all fresh and glowy, it was like it never happened.  I looked over at DH who looked unsure of which 'wifey' was sleeping beside him, and what mood she was in now.  But a quick hug and a kiss signaled to him I'm back.

But for how long?


Cry Baby

Friday, June 11, 2010

Anatomy scan update

Big sigh of relief - Sprout looks well and the u/s tech said that everything looks great! DH had the best seat in the house so he saw the four chambers of the heart and all the vitals - while I saw the side view from where I was laying.  I really think they should have a screen/monitor on the ceiling for the mom-to-be's! 

We made sure to tell the tech that we didn't want to find out the sex so either she completely avoided 'that area' - or we were looking at it and didn't know what it was! Sprout was wiggling around quite a bit - I think we even got a wave!  I'm super excited that it went so well - the only thing that has me saying 'hmm' is that she also did a crotch cam to look at the placenta. She asked if I had spotted during my pregnancy and I said that I did, like 4-5 weeks ago after some 'activities' - so she just wanted to check. Afterwards, I asked how everything looked - and she just said "talk to your doctor". um. Ok. I couldn't get a read on whether that was good or bad (i.e. she just takes the measurements and the doctor interprets it)  so I'll just leave it until next week when I see my OB for the last time.  I read up on low-lying placentas and it seems that most of the time, it will move upwards by itself. So right now, I'm totally just making things up without knowing any facts, but I always like to be educated and prepared. 

So now, we are focused on planning our itinerary for our San Fran babymoon, leaving next Friday. I can't wait to just get away and enjoy some Q-time with DH and just to have some time to finally soak all of this positive progression in.  I am so thankful that we are here at this point and although it seems light years away, I still remember the pain and the sadness that we went through last year and it amazes me everyday at the journey that God took us through to get here. I cannot wait for the next 5 months to fly by so we can meet our lil' Sprout.   I honestly have NO clue whether or not it's a boy or girl - I thought I had that 'instinct' but the further along I am, I just don't know! My hubby is adamant that Sprout is boy. I keep saying as long as the baby is healthy, I don't care - but to be honest, I'm a bit nervous about taking care of a baby boy!  I know nothing about boy's and I'm just naturally so much more comfortable with baby girls --- but I'm sure I'll pick it up, and of course, love Sprout no matter if it's a Mister or Miss. ;)

Here is the final look we get at Sprout - couldn't really get a clear pic this time but s/he is looking more and more like a baby! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"I love you guys"

 That's what my hubby said to me last night before nodding off to sleep. *sigh*

It's so wonderful to start coming out of the "fog of 2009" and I am really starting to embrace all that is pregnancy and the thought of a baby joining our family is really starting to feel more likely. 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while -- I was in Vancouver last week for work and it was crazy busy and extremely tiring. But all went well and I'm so glad my plane ride was uneventful.  I made sure to get up every hour to stretch and walk around - 4.5 hours wasn't too bad at all. Again, thanking God that He was watching over us! 

So here we are at 18 weeks and I've been doing well. I am definitely starting to feel the flutters more frequently now (and they are below the belly button area) so this time I'm pretty sure it's not gas and that it is, indeed Sprout wiggling around in there. Usually, before I drift off to sleep, I place my hand over the area where I think Sprout is to wish him/her goodnite and to keep on growing. Last night, I felt multiple flutters/taps and it totally made me smile! I wanted to tell DH about it but he was sound asleep already, lol. 

Let's see what other new things. I'm starting feel uncomfy after I eat too much, and I've also had the lovely first time experience of heartburn this week. Man, can I tell you how much heartburn sucks! I couldn't even wear my bra properly yesterday because I felt like I couldn't breathe! 

I met with my midwife for the first time this past Tuesday and she is great. I even got to hear Sprout's heartbeat again! Which was a lovely surprise and so very comforting. I go back in another few weeks, after we get back from our vacation in San Francisco and then I believe every 4 weeks after that. 

The Big Scan is tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon - please pray for us that everything is growing right on schedule with Sprout!  We are sticking to not finding out the sex (although DH seems to be reluctant in that - even though he was the one for it in the beginning! Now he wants to find out but I want to put my foot down on this one :) 

Will update again after tomorrow's ultrasound.  Hope everyone is well and if you please can, say a prayer for Janet from Trust in God.  She is on bedrest right now and her cerclage is holding her baby girl in but she doesn't know for how long.  Power of Prayer ladies!