Monday, June 27, 2011

Colds, Separation Anxiety and Army Crawl

Well it's been one heck of a week and a bit, to say the least. E got his first real, full-blown cold and boy, it was not pretty.  I felt so bad for him, as he would snort and try to breathe through the thick mucus plugged up in his wittle nose and he would scream his way through me trying to help him 'un-plug' it.  I bought a really useful nose pump called Hy.dras.ense for babies. Basically you control the sucking pressure, no don't worry, there is a filter in the pump so you won't accidentally snort in some boogie monsters.  The tricky part is, getting him to hold still! By the 4th day, he had simply given up fighting me and I was able to help him without getting my eye gouged out. 

During his off-week while being sick (and still a bit now), he developed a new thing: separation anxiety. It may be just that he wasn't feeling well so was super clingy and needy, but every time I went to put him down for a nap and walked away he would scream bloody murder but would fall asleep in my arms as soon as I picked him up. There are a few times when I've put him down on the blankie to play while I fix his bottle in the kitchen and he cries like I'm never going to come back for him. We are slowly but surely getting back to our 'routine' but man, this cold threw us for a loop. Thankfully he did not get a temperature and Tyle.nol cold for babies saved our butts.

But in other exciting news! My 8 month old munchkin is starting to show signs that crawling is just around the corner!  He first started by sticking his bum in the air and sort of stuck, but in the past few days, he has been pushing up on his forearms and sort of dragging his bottom half forward. He can also go around in circles just using his upper body - it's quite the sight LOL. 

Here is a video I took of his first attempts. I'm such a proud mama! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Mouseketeers

Playdates are hilarious. Especially this one :) Happy Weekend!

New Blog Header Woo!

Thanks to the talented Ella over at Baby Love, I got something new and pretty on my blog! Like it?  :)))

This might just be the shortest point on record, but just had to share! 

We're heading to our first Mom-to-mom sale tomorrow, hoping to snatch up some 'next steps' items like: baby gates, baby proofing schtuffs, and maybe some books. If you've never heard of mom-to-mom sales, basically (I've heard) they're like giant garage sales of gently used baby items. Hope we score some good stuff because it opens at 8 am and we intend to be there by then! 

Then, off to the Me.tro T oronto Zoo with some good friends and their 9 month old - fun times this weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Steps towards Baby Led Weaning

We first started E on rice cereal. Then it progressed to sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, bananas, apples and pears. It was/is A LOT prep work to puree and pack and freeze all of his solids and although it's hilarious trying to feed him while he has a vice grip with his feet on my hands (prior to us getting him a high chair) - I'm starting to lean more and more towards Baby Led Weaning.  So I started giving him a banana, cut in half, with 3/4 of the peel still on so he could hold it. And guess what? He LOVED it! I've been trying out different things to see how he reacts to it: cucumber, tomato, carrot - and I'm really looking forward to all the new foods he will be able to feed himself. There's a great post by Baby Love's Ella on BLW- check it out!! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Teething Woes

So for the past 3 nights, Elliott has been waking up screaming in the middle of the night, although super groggy when we go to comfort him. Our daytime routine is also a bit off because of the waking up at night but I really really hope this whole teething thing blows over soon. I forgot how it felt to be zombie like in the wee hours. I don't like it one bit but I do feel so bad for the little guy. My pediatrician told me to hold off on and pain meds if we could, so that he can 'get used' to teething instead of numb and dull it. I'll see how long we can do that for, so far, just cold washcloths for him to bite on and cold teething rings. 
What non-medicinal ways did you use to help your babe through this?