Thursday, January 24, 2013

Silence is golden and 3rd Tri here we come...

Hi friends, it's been a while. A long long while.  I missed writing but life caught up to me and I have just been enjoying it as much as I can.  Popping in once in a while to see the updates from this little group of ours has given me such great joy that you have added to your families or just finding out about a little miracle growing inside. 

I can't believe I'm at the tail end of my 27th week already (!) Since my last post, every appointment, test and ultrasound we have passed with flying colours and I am just so grateful and thankful.   I would have the smallest grain of fear and doubt each time but I would be proven wrong and felt guilty or silly for assuming the worst when in fact, this little baby is growing well and is strong.

My medical team has been great, I have been seen frequently by both my OB as well as my endo - and I've had enough blood drawn to seriously help someone through a transfusion I think. But I don't mind, because each time I'm given the results (that my thyroid levels keep going in the right direction) - I feel like an A+ student earning more stars.   What we are discussing now though, is 1) that the baby continues to grow and 2) the action plan in case of a flare up post-birth. 

Starting this coming Monday, we will get to see our little miracle via ultrasound every 2 weeks until I'm full term/38 weeks.  That's a LOT of ultrasounds - but my OB wants to keep close monitor now that we are in the home stretch, and any slight change in the baby's thyroid levels are detected before something goes wrong.  In my last appointment, we had a frank conversation about still birth. As with any regular pregnancy it can happen, and with my condition it is just another risk we want to watch out for and can detect hopefully with such close monitoring.  At this point, my thyroid antibody levels are still high, which mean it will likely have an affect on baby's thyroid while in gestation. 

I myself have been feeling great, the symptoms I experience while in the hot phase of this disease has disappeared, and just replaced with the regular pregnancy 'ailments' like back pains and headaches here and there. I started prenatal yoga at the beginning of the new year and it has helped me restore and refocus - and giving me a connection with this new baby that I hadn't let myself have previously.  I remember when I did prenatal yoga and aquafit with Elliott it was the best thing I could do for my body and mind, so this time around I want to make sure I give the same benefits to myself and the baby.  Baby has been very active with kicks and punches and rolls and flips - it is a nice reminder that God is good and to continue being faithful.

E has been doing great, he's starting to understand more and more each day where the baby is (points to my tummy or kisses my belly) - but until the baby is here he won't fully grasp that another little person will be apart of this family (how could he when I can barely grasp that?).  We moved him to his big boy bed just before Christmas and hubby and I had so much fun doing his room - the big reveal was the best when he squealed and jumped on his new bed for the first time.   We opted to move him right up to a double since we would be needing the convertible crib for the baby and it's just amazing to see my little boy all grown up in his big boy room and bed.   The first night I went to check in on him he looked so tiny on the big bed and it brought back memories of when we first put him in his crib when he was a newborn.  

Hubby and I have been doing good, just processing each day that the dynamics of our family and marriage will change once again,but we are as ready as we can be and knowing that we have been through it all (married fights are so much more different than dating fights, don't you think) - we can do it again. 

So that's pretty much a summary of what's been going on, I'm pretty sure I will wish I had updated more on this pregnancy but I'm sure I will in the coming weeks and months.  I have already declared my last day at work to be near the end of March as my OB doesn't think it would be a good idea to go to 40 weeks. So my due date will likely be early/mid April vs. end.  She wants to discuss induction between 38-39 weeks (I'm freaking out a bit about this) but I understand the reasoning behind it.  I just don't want a long drawn out labour when I had such a quick one with E.  

We'll cross that bridge when we get there I suppose!! 

Glad to hear everyone is doing well - praying and thinking of you all every day!