Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to the Big Apple and 25 weeks

I love New York. I mean, I really love New York.  My last planned trip this year is with my younger (and only) sister and we are heading out for a week - just the two of us! Last time we took a trip to NYC together was about 2 years ago so it's going to be super fun to travel together again - especially to our favourite city! We've planned everything around must-eat food places (surprise surprise) so I can't wait to share pics of the yummy food I'm about to savour! I think Sprout will be nice and happy :) 

Hubby is also taking a 'solo' trip - at the end of the month he's off to L.A to visit a good friend of his - and after that - no more trips for us! We had a good talk last night about our finances and how we're going to deal with my reduced income when I go on my year-long mat leave.  We feel a bit anxious about it but we know that we can manage and get through it, just like any major milestone in our lives we didn't think we could handle financially (wedding, first house, second house etc) but we did!

I'm a bit past my 25 week post but much like a fellow blogger, I'm starting less and less to focus on what week I'm on and starting to panic a bit at how many weeks are left! DH and I will be doing the baby registry stuff when I get back from my trip - and oh! Our sisters and my bestie are starting to plan our co-ed baby shower!  It's a bit surreal that Sprout will be getting a party in his/her honour - I've been looking forward to this moment in our lives for a while now and it feels great to be able to look at the future in anticipation and excitement. 

In addition to going to aqua fit regularly now, I also tried out prenatal yoga this week and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it!  It was very relaxing and calming, and I got a nice stretch and practiced breathing.  I definitely think I'll be going back!

Gotta start packing now -  Hope you all enjoy your weekends!

This is me in NYC, circa 2005 - the trip that DH proposed to me on:)

And this is the last time I was there with my sis in 2008! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

24 weeks and a letter to Sprout

Dear Sprout,

You are now 24 weeks and 1 day old in my ute (wow that's 6 months!) - I hope you're liking it in there because I can definitely feel you wiggling and maneuvering around all day making yourself more comfy! 

Mommy and Daddy have been so happy at your progress and growth over these past 24 weeks. At first we weren't so sure if we were ever going to see this day, but you have proven to be the blessing and miracle that God provided us, and we will always be so thankful for being chosen as your parents. 

As you have grown bigger and Mommy's belly has become increasingly rounder, I've been finding myself talking to you a lot during the day - telling you where we're going (like when we went to Aquafit for the first time together) and rubbing and patting the area where I think you're chilling out in just to say I felt 'that' and to keep showing me that you're doing ok in there. Mommy also started reading to you last week and I really think you heard me! It was a Dr. Suess book (Oh Baby, the Places you'll go!) and I could've sworn that you were more active when I was reading than you usually are.  Apparently you can hear now with your cute little ears so I'll be sure to keep reading to you - Daddy said he would be reading to you as well so stay tuned for that! 

It's also been fun playing the remote control game with you.  Maybe one day soon you can kick the thing right off my belly - but for now, seeing it rattle and shake is pretty fun :)  I even got it on my video camera on my blac.kberry so one day when you're old enough - I'll show it to you!

As for your digs after you arrive, Mommy is still working out the plan for the nursery and trying to figure out the best look for the room - I'm sure whatever it is you won't realize what it looks like but I want to make sure that it's serene and peaceful for when we spend our time together in there.  

Everyone is really excited to meet you (especially your grandparents (both sides) - since you're the first grandbaby in the family - I have a feeling you'll be a bit spoiled! We'll make sure to keep you grounded tho - don't you worry!

So baby Sprout, we have 3 more months to go and I can't wait to see how you continue to develop in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for giving us so much joy and hope in our lives - we love you so much and can't wait to hold you in our arms! 



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That wasn't fun

We had our 3rd wedding this summer this past Saturday - one of my good guy friends finally tied the knot with his gorgeous bride and it was a fabulous affair.  Non-traditional, they held the ceremony and the reception at a posh restaurant in downtown Toronto and it was top notch everything. 

Except whatever I ate, I got food poisoning - or the 48 hr stomach flu, whatever it was, it SUCKED. 

I started having really bad pains as the dance floor opened up (like right under the boobs, above where I think my stomach is now)- and I thought it was the new (and expensive grrr) strapless bra I was wearing - but I soon found out early Sunday morning that it was indeed, not attire-related at all. 

I've been blessed not to have been sick at all this pregnancy. As in, no morning sickness, no head cold, etc etc.  So maybe this was a little bit of my share? 

I had the worst diarrhea ever - and by early Sunday afternoon I was burning up with a fever.  Hubby and I went out to get Gator.ade (to replenish my lost fluids) and lunch - and nothing was settling right in my poor tummy.  I promptly took a 5 hour nap and basically sweated out the fever - but when I woke up I didn't have much of an appetite but I knew I had to keep hydrated and eat something so poor lil' Sprout would still be ok.  I read up on how food poisoning or stomach flu could affect the baby and I was relieved to find out that the baby was protected by the placenta and would not be subject to any nasty bug that my body was trying to flush out. 

I didn't work yesterday, just took the day to recuperate and get my strength back - although I really wanted to go to Aqua fit class last night, I decided against it just in case my stomach started churning in mid-water-bounce.  *shudder - oh the horror* Yah, wouldn't have been pretty.  

I'll leave you with a few pre-food poisoning pics from the wedding: 

my hubbs and I: 
My besties 
(the one to my left is 2 weeks behind me):

the beautiful newlyweds:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

23 weeks

Wow 3 posts back to back - whata g'wan?! :) 

Haven't done one of these questionnaire's yet so here we go! 


How far along: 23 weeks :)))

Total weight gain/loss: + 10 lbs (i think - we didn't weigh in at my last appt!)

Maternity clothes: Finally bought some maternity bottoms! Tops I'm still doing longer tees/tanks and thankfully it's summer so I'm wearing tons of dresses!
Stretch marks: Not. yet. and hopefully never! (ya right). I've been using this really good cream called Naked.Body.Butter from Bliss! (at Seph.ora)

Sleep: Getting to be a bit more uncomfy. I have a body pillow that I'm using but because it's so hot lately it just ends up getting pushed to the side. I usually start and end on my back - which I used to freak out about but not anymore having talked to ppl and midwife - my body will know what to do apparently so I'm trusting that

Best moment last week: Hubby feeling the swift kicks from Sprout - he had felt 'something' a few weeks back but this time there was no question!

Movement: All the time! Yesterday I played the remote control game with Sprout to see if s/he could kick it off my belly -- the remote rattled and shook like a mini earthquake - it was amazing to watch! 
Food cravings: Rainer cherries! Got hooked on them in Cali and been searching for them endlessly here in Canada -  Been trying to eat more healthy but I popped open a bags of Lays regular chips the other day so it's up and down :)

Food aversions: None right now - but prepping meat is starting to gross me out - which never did before

Gender: It's a surprise! any bets/guesses?
Labor Signs: nope thankfully!

Belly Button in or out: Stretched like it's going through a wind tunnel :( half in and out at this point
What I miss: Sushi, smoked salmon, being flexible and nimble

What I am looking forward to: Feeling more movement and starting to plan the nursery!

Milestones: I'm at 23 weeks!  

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our first official purchase

So the same day that hubby and I went to aqua fit this past weekend, we also went on our first official - what we called - "Stroller/Car Seat and Crib Education Day". We figured it was time for us to get informed about these must-haves before we got caught up with other things and be ready to do our baby registry with a good handle on what we needed and what we could do without. 

We first went to a more upscale store (we didn't realize it) - the kind of store with $1000 gliders and bugaboo's strewn about -- and quickly found that it wasn't for us (budget and practicality).  So off we went to a mall with a bunch of choices, like department stores like Sears as well as Babies r us to check out travel systems and other baby related items.

We soon found out quickly how cumbersome (and heavy!) these travel system strollers were, we even simulated how it would be if I were by myself and going from the car to opening the stroller, to collapsing it and to lug it up to a height similar to my SUV.  Yah - not so easy for someone of my size! 

Here's my adorable hubby is amongst a sea of strollers:

and here he is trying to un-fold one of the complicated strollers (which by the way, never ended up back in its original floor model position LOL) 

and me trying one on for size:

So after a fun afternoon of shopping - hubby even asked me if I wanted to go into a maternity clothes store because there were some sales (um hello - who are you and what have you done with my hubby?! yes please! LOL) - we decided that travel systems just weren't right for us - namely because I would be the one using it the most on my year off and it just wouldn't do! 

We researched some snap-and-go systems and actually saw one stroll by us in the mall and we immediately knew that it would be the one for us.  Luckily, we found it on craigs.list last night and found a great deal on the Baby.Trend Snap N Go - so now all we need to do is find a car seat! It's light weight (like 11 pounds!) and folds super easy and still has cup holders and a big basket for storage. We were pleasantly surprised at how new it still was - it looked barely used! I'm very happy that we got this and although it's a bit scary that it's now sitting in our basement and THIS IS FOR REAL NOW (!) - the feeling subsides quickly when I think about when I get to push lil' Sprout around in it! 
What were one of your first purchases?  What do you think about buying a second hand crib?  We want to buy our car seat new for sure but really trying to save some moula where we can! Any recommendations/advice on what we really need/vs. don't need are welcome!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Aqua-Fit time

So I blogged earlier about my dear hubbs wanting to take me swimming (he LOVES to swim - he's such a water baby)  - and I don't mind swimming - I just wasn't thrilled about the thought of me strut'n around in a bathing suit, let alone squeeze into one.  I finally warmed up to the idea of it and I even went out on to purchase an oh-so-sexy-one-piecer *cat whistle* on Friday. It actually is kinda cute, very chic, almost 50's style halter, good cuppage for the girls and ruching all across the middle section, in solid navy. I even bought it in a regular store - just a size M instead of a S.  The ruching I think will provide lots of room to grow into, and the material is uber-comfortable - I don't feel like a sausage at all. 

So onto the class itself!  Now you know I've been dealing with some back issues in the last few months or so - so naturally, I wanted to figure out some way of relieving that or strengthening my core so that my back would be properly supported through to the rest of the pregnancy. 

We got there bright and early around 8:15 in the morning and had the pool to ourselves until the older ladies and gents started arriving for the 9 am class.  At first it was fun - just a lot of moving around and loosening up the joints, but this went on for 1 hour! It was definitely much easier on my back and the best part is - I loved the feeling of weightlessness!!  I didn't even care how I looked because hey - if these cute old people can be in their bathing suits at goodness-knows what age - so can I - and if people stare - it's because they're looking at my bump, not my thighs!

So despite the initial hesitation, I am totally game for this now - I'm going to check out another pool in a community center tonight by myself and hopefully all goes well! 
In other news, I am super excited that one of my girlfriends (the one that went into pre-mature menopause so her sister donated her eggs for their IVF) - she just found out that she is indeed, successfully pregnant after their transfer last Saturday!! I even gave her my unused test from the same pack that I tested positive for Sprout on - saying it was 'good luck' :)  Now waiting anxiously for her next beta on Wednesday to see the numbers go up - oh, how I'm hoping and praying for them - they have been through so much and would make such great parents!! 

Lots of good news going around, but if you haven't by now, make your way over to Dawn's blog to congratulate her on the arrival of her beautiful girl Adelyn,  and to Em's blog to congratulate her on cute lil' Liam's (aka Mingo) arrival!  Loving all the babies that are coming!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bad blogger ... and 22 weeks?! wow

Hi everyone! 
I can't believe that it's almost been two whole weeks since I've properly blogged - I attribute it to...well, nothing really - guess it's just been a mixture of a bit of laziness and being constantly on the go! 

So here we are, marking 22 weeks tomorrow and Sprout is getting more and more active than ever. What started out as bubbles, blips and taps are now what feels like aerial somersaults, knocks, and teeny tiny karate kicks. I've gotten over how strange it feels (at first it made me feel nervous - the whole - something is trying to get outside of me!) but now I feel so comforted in feeling regular movement, and getting to know the patterns in which this baby will move depending on time of day and the sleeping position I'm in. 

I love the feeling of knowing s/he is ok still so the fear of something bad happening has been tucked away in the back corner and now it rarely makes an appearance - although I know there is no 100% guarantee, it finally feels good to not have that fear run wild and through my thoughts. We even bought our first baby item - a cute newborn outfit with giraffes and duckies! And yesterday, for the first time during this pregnancy, I finally got the nerve to park in the designated expectant mother spots! I no longer felt like an imposter or intruder to the Club - but felt proud to be able to 'announce' it to the world by this public display of parking prowess.

I was so tickled that I did it that I took a pic to commemorate:

The only complaint that I have so far is that my back has still been whacky - depending on how much walking/bending I'm doing that day. The sciatic nerve acts up quite a bit but I'm starting a prenatal yoga next week with my other gf that is expecting in September - and hubby wants to go swimming together this weekend so that should be interesting because I keep thinking back to that whale I took a picture with a few posts ago and how much I'm starting to resemble it. 

Anyhoo ;)

So let's get on to the San Fran trip! a.k.a the last trip as "Married with No Children".  It was a tonne of fun and although it was a tad chilly (seriously NOT what I expected for Cali!) we were blessed with sunny skies and a great week overall.  We literally ate our way through San Francisco *drool*, as we had researched some of the best places to try out and basically built our itinerary around key foodie places ;) 

We had amazing breakfast at Mama's in North Beach;

hit up the North Beach festival in little Italy;


spent a beautiful day in Sausalito with our good friends;

had my chowda! at the wharf; 

devoured In-n-Out burgers for the first time; 


And enjoyed the magnificent awesome-ness of Muir Woods:

There are like, literally 450 pictures so these few don't really do it justice, but we really enjoyed the time we had together and will definitely return to SF one day - with the little one in tow! 

Next up - NYC at the beginning of August with my sister - the final/FINAL trip! Last pic is an updated belly pic of me at 20 weeks: 

Whew that was a long post but I will try to post more regularly b/c I'm starting to forget things and I don't want to forget anything about this pregnancy!

For those of you ladies that are soooo close to the big L&D day - I'm so so excited for you and keep praying for each of you each night.  Has anyone heard an update on Janet lately?