Friday, June 17, 2011

New Blog Header Woo!

Thanks to the talented Ella over at Baby Love, I got something new and pretty on my blog! Like it?  :)))

This might just be the shortest point on record, but just had to share! 

We're heading to our first Mom-to-mom sale tomorrow, hoping to snatch up some 'next steps' items like: baby gates, baby proofing schtuffs, and maybe some books. If you've never heard of mom-to-mom sales, basically (I've heard) they're like giant garage sales of gently used baby items. Hope we score some good stuff because it opens at 8 am and we intend to be there by then! 

Then, off to the Me.tro T oronto Zoo with some good friends and their 9 month old - fun times this weekend!


  1. Good job Ella! What a sweetheart to do that for you! What better way to highlight your blog than w/that gorgeous face! Little cutie. Have fun @ the sale. We have those here & they're awesome. You save soooo much money.