Friday, December 4, 2009

All clear...and a lightbulb moment

So I survived the sono! Thanks ladies for sharing your experiences with me -- it totally eased my mind and prepared me for it (and thx Laura for the rythmic tapping tip - I totally did it while I was on the table)

So the doctor who did the procedure was great, she told me everytime she was doing something and that I would likely feel a cramp coming on.  I was given a play by play by the technican, who was very reassuring and even hinted to me before the doctor came in the room that if I wanted, I could also ask for my tubes to be checked,  since they were in there anyway. 

It wasn't something that the specialist had asked for, but no harm done right? So when the dr. came in I just casually hinted at it and she's like, sure np! We'll take a look while we're in there! So I had an impromptu 'flushing' of the tubes as well as the sono today.  Per the technican, she said my tubes looked fabulous, and everything looked great in the uterus, no fibroids or cysts or abnormality. 

Then she asked me - what day did you say you're on right now? CD12.  And when do you normally ovulate?  hmmm by my guess (and not by charting or opks) I thought it was CD14/CD15.  She's like hmm.


She told me that it looked like I had ovulated already! either just this morning or before -but there was no follie there ready to drop - already gone! I was shocked.  CD12?  really?  This whole time I thought I ovulated much later and therefore, BD'd according to what I had thought.  I'm no dr. , but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the miscarriages?  the 'freshness' of the egg?  b/c when we BD'd, we always aimed for CD13, CD15, CD17, give or take.  Which means, that when I got pregnant those 3 times, it was when my egg wasn't as fresh as it could have been.  

So I excitedly called my hubby afterwards to share this new revelation - and he's all excited and said - well, should we try then?  But that brings me back to my last post.  I really truly believe that we should find out if there is anything wrong that we can prevent before we get pregnant again-- but then it's like - how often do I get to know exactly when I ovulated? 

Argh. God has taught me a lot of patience this year.  What's 9 more weeks right?

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

I leave you with a picture of the beautiful Angel Wings that I received in the mail today from Christa - thank you so much for them - everytime I walk by my tree now I will think of my angel babies, and also of the support that I have found here in blog land this year. *hugs*


  1. What a beautiful Christmas tree!

    I would definitely recommend using OPKs to pinpoint your ovulation. Using them told me that my ovulation is very variable, so in order to have the best chance of hitting the right days, OPKs are the way to go.

    With regard to your ovulation on previous cycles when you miscarried, your egg is actually more likely to be "old" if you ovulate late, because it sits around before being released. After you ovulate, there is a very short window (12-24 hours) that the egg is viable for fertilization. You really want the sperm to be in there waiting for the egg when you ovulate (and sperm can last a lot longer than unfertilized eggs!) If you think you may be ovulating on day 12, you probably want to start trying on day 9 or 10.

  2. WOW! You have had a busy few days. Totally understand all the pocking and prodding. I had 13 vials taken one time and then another 6. Hubby had his guys tested and I also had the saline sono and an endometrial biopsy. Everything came back fine with my stuff except I have two strands of MTHFR. I was so happy we had done everything available to see what could have caused my miscarriages. I had to wait 6 weeks to try again and then it took us 6 months before we got pregnant. And this was while seeing the Fertility dr.. The month we finally got pregnany on Clomid I was ready to just stop everything I was so emotionally drained and just felt like I needed a break. But it was all well worth it as I am now in my 19th week with this pregnancy and can't believe it sometimes still.
    Hoping you get some answers soon!!
    Btw, Beautiful tree and ornament.

  3. Your tree is absolutely beautiful!! I am glad that all went well with the sonohistogram.

    Its a blessing to know exactly when you are ovulating. Thinking of you.

  4. I'm so glad things went well Wendy! Your wings look beautiful on your tree. I'm so happy you like them :)

  5. I am so glad that your appointment went so well.

    You have the most beautiful Christmas tree. We thought ours was great, but now that we have some lights on it it is more of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It's pretty sad!

    Your angel wings are absolutely wonderful and beautiful

  6. Wow Wendy, I just have to first say - that tree is beautiful! thank you for stopping by and sharing your story with me. I totally agree - I should follow my body. I guess my body's been telling me lately "help!". It's just so hard to call the dr when i'm at work all day w/coworkers all around me. i think i'll sit down w/the Hubs very soon to make this next step. i'll be following for results and what's to come!