Thursday, December 3, 2009

Appointment details

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers for my RPL appt yesterday - I certainly needed them! The appointment ended up being with another doctor, not the 'guru' Dr. L - apparently I don't get to see him until after the results (in 9 weeks) and until I get preggers again. 

So this other autoimmune specialist chick did a quick physical (no internal) and asked me a slew of questions to start building my profile - and then came the requis.iti.on forms. Like I'm talking 5 of them - each with a whole lotta tests on them.  As she ran off each one, where to go to get them, ultrasound this, son.o.hysterog.ram that, my mind just started spinning.  I knew this was what I was in for, but it was just all coming so fast I could barely keep up with paper and pen in hand (thanks Christa for the tip).

So my appt ended in about 45 mins, and I was off to get the blood drained out of me. No kidding, the first draw was about 10 vials *cringe* and then I was off to a hospital a block away to do another panel of bloodwork - another 7 vials *double cringe*.

(for those that are curious, they were all the antibodies - anti-ds DNA, anti-ss DNA, anti-lym.phocyte, anti-ca.rdiolipin lgG, anti-cardi.olipin lgM. Then the coag.ulati.on panel: russell's vi.per venom time (?), ce.phalin, clotting ime, partial thro.mbo.plastin time - lu.pus specific, and dilute pro-thr.ombin) (the one at the hosp i didn't write down -shucks! but it was a full panel of th-something)

In between the bloodwork was a urine sample...then back to the clinic for an external and internal ultrasound (this I was totally not 'prepped' for - if you know what I mean ladies - I had not keep the hedges trimmed in the past few weeks but at this point, it's like who cares right?).  I wasn't supposed to have the u/s yesterday but apparently it was perfect timing because they wanted me to be in between day 9-12 of my cycle and I was on CD10. 

To my suprise, I find out that because of this impeccable timing of my cycle, I am scheduled to come back Friday (tomorrow) to do the son.o.hysterog.ram (SHSG) - which is the one with the saline.  I'm a bit nervous about it b/c they kept reminding me to eat lunch, then take 2 advil -- so please ladies, if you have had any experiences (good or bad) please share with me b/c I need some real assurance as to what's going to happen tomorrow. 

We're not done yet.  DH and I are also going to get tests done - but that can only be done on either a Monday or a Friday between 7am -10am so we'll both have to go back next Friday do get that draw.

Lastly, they want to check my levels on CD21 & CD22 so I'll have to go and get draws then - but good thing is I can go to any lab and not all the way downtown.

Whew. crazy day right? I'm glad to finally have all of these tests done, but at 3 pm yesterday I was just exhausted after being poked and prodded all day.  DH was great company and I'm glad he was able to come with me. We ended off the day on a high note - we decided the last minute to go and check out TVs at Be.s.t Buffalo,NY.  It's about a 2.5 hour drive from us but it was worth it b/c we ended up getting a TV at a super great deal, AND had dinner at the ake (you guys are so lucky to have it! I looove it and can only get it in Buffalo NY :( 

So all was not lost of our vacation day after all. I'm hopeful to find out if there are any specific issues that we can address, and most importantly, fix -- but my results appt isn't until Feb 8th so the fact that it's so far away will be hard! Especially since they advised that we do not get pregnant before then. I'm torn. Should we completely stop trying or just go with it? We are leaning towards the - let's find out the results and then start trying again but we also feel like the more and more weeks go by, the more opportunities (well 2 opportunities) will be missed! Advice? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading what ended up being a majorly long post - and please keep me in your prayers tomorrow when I go for my sono!  :(


  1. Glad I could help Wendy. Isn't annoying yet gratifying to get the testing you deserve! I had an HSG test done this summer. There's a reason for the Advil, but nothing worth losing sleep over. There's two moments of pain in the procedure and that is when they attach and detach a suction thingy inside of you. But not to worry, the pain although it's sharp, only lasts a second or two, just enough time to yelp, or say holy shit! then poof it's over. My test took no more than 5 minutes, and I had no major side effects. I had some cramping a few hours later, but that was it. I certainly wouldn't say it's a fun test, but it's not the worst thing in the world either. The doctors will explain everything and talk you through it. Don't forget to watch the screen, it's cool seeing your insides like that!

    We chose to wait to ttc until all of our testing was done. I couldn't have known when I made that decision that it would take almost a year, but I think I'm the acception not the rule due to our doctor shortage here in Quebec City. I spent most of this year on waiting lists, not actually waiting for results. Most likely in Toronto things move more quickly. My theory is I will do no one any good by getting pregnant and possibly miscarrying in the middle of testing. Once the first round of test results are in, they may need to send you for a second round, and they will need that you aren't pregnant. So in order to move forward in testing you have to avoid pregnancy. My doctor was very open in agreeing with me, although he said he can't advise anyone not to ttc...he was relieved I was willing to wait.

    Best of luck with your SHSG, let us know how you're doing afterwards :)

  2. Hello Wendy--I'm glad you survived the pokes and prods and tests! And yay for a new TV--my husband bought one (online) on Black Friday, and it was delivered yesterday--quite fun. I agree with Christa--the HSG hurt a bit, but I remember being mostly surprised when it was over so quickly. A little pain therapy trick I learned from my dentist--fold your hands, and tap one finger slowly and rhythmically...something about the constant tapping in a slow and steady patterns helps you to refocus from the pain to the tapping. I don't know if it really "works", but I do it, and it helps distract me (both at the dentist an any other appointment). I'm praying for you!

  3. Wow that all sounds so familiar!! I got my HSG back in May and it was not bad at all. I didn't even take anything and was lucky enough not to even have any cramping later. I do agree with Christa about trying to wait it out. I know it is hard (we had to wait 3 cycles!) but imagine how horrible it would be to lose another one only for the Dr's. to find something wrong that is treatable. I'll be praying for good solid results.

  4. Oh gosh, that all sounds so familiar! I'm glad you are getting such excellent care and having so many tests run. I don't want to hope they find something... but I do want you to get answers...

    The HSG isn't all that bad, at least it wasn't for me -- I did take 800 mg of ibuprofen before the procedure, which probably helped a lot. The whole thing is pretty quick, and it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... I hope you find your experience to be similar. KUP!

    (oh - and btw, you asked about what camera was used to take those pics of Eliza - I have a Canon Rebel XTi. I have a couple of lenses for it and those pics were taken with my 30mm 1.4 lens)

  5. I've had a sonohistogram and a HSG. The sonohistogram is a lot more comfortable then the HSG. The advil is for some slight discomfort you will feel. It doesn't last long. Make sure if you have a HSG done you have dh there so you can grab his fingers if you feel pain. Its a few minutes of sheer discomfort, but take some muscle relaxers after and you will be as good as new.

    I feel your pain on the blood. They ran a similar panel on me after I lost Jonathan...just 10 vials though. Its I have any blood left? LOL

    I get my progesterone checked right around the same point in my cycle and take progesterone suppositories in the second half of my cycle in case we get pregnant. It made a world of difference in getting me past the first trimester the second time around.

    *hugs* Waiting for answers is the hardest part. Praying for answers for you.