Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching up

So I've been getting lazy and haven't posted in a while - tsk tsk on me! Let's see - where should I begin?  Hubby came back from his L.A. trip last Tuesday and I was so so happy to have him home.  I was only really 'alone' for two nights while he was gone because my darling little sister came to stay with me and we hung out quite a bit - helps to have someone to talk to and keep company - the house is so eerily quiet - and I'm the type that likes some kind of ambient noise - I guess without hubby in the house, there were no random burps or farts to fill those silent gaps! LOL. Anyhoo, thought I would split up my updates in the following categories as my thoughts are somewhat scattered these days.

Pregnancy Update
Let's see what else happened since the last time I posted. Oh right, how can I forget the lovely situation with hemmorh.oids a few weeks ago.  I mean, really people, I felt like my booty was going to split open - no warning of TMI here, sorry.  It was so painful I winced everytime I got up, sat down, walked, you name it.  I resorted to sitting on a pillow during the work hours,  and just trying to cope the best I could by downing as much water as I could and trying out the whole cotton ball/witch hazel thing (which I don't think really worked).   There was definitely some bleeding involved - and everytime I saw it on the TP or liner, my mind went 'back there' but I knew it wasn't coming from the big V but further back.  I told my midwife about this lovely development and she wrote me a prescription for it next time it happens (lovely) but so far it hasn't made a return in the past few weeks.  I blame my stupid craving for Indian food 3 Saturdays ago.  It all started from there.  *shudder*.

I've also had a bad case of 'baby brain' lately at work.  Last week, I was leading a team call for a marketing campaign we were executing and I completely blanked out on my train of thought and had NO WORDS come to mind when providing my part of the update.  Thankfully my co worker jumped in quickly to help me out! I hear the memory thing never fully comes back - oh great day! lol

Sprout is getting stronger and I can now pretty accurately distinguish between the baby hiccupping and when an arm or a leg is adjusting position.  It is the strangest feeling but I am grateful for every moment I get to share with Sprout while it's still just me and baby for now :) 

32 weeks is coming up Wednesday - that's like, 8 MONTHS! That's just amazing and I continue to give thanks as I'm so blessed to be here. We also start our 4 week pre-natal classes this Wednesday as well - I'm excited for this the most because hubby will finally be able to 'get in' on the action and see what he's in for heheh.

Nursery Update
What else, what else.  Oh! The nursery has a fresh coat of paint now! Hubby spent a few hours on the weekend painting it and I am so happy this part is done because now it's just putting together the crib, my mom is helping me get the cushions on the glider re-upholstered, and we have another piece of furniture coming in that will double as a bench seat and storage underneath.  The rest will be the decorating part of it but I have a good idea of how it will come together and I hope to have some pictures soon to share in about 3-4 weeks or so.

Baby Shower Update
This coming weekend is our family and friends co-ed baby shower and I'm super excited but a bit nervous about how everything will go.  I've dreamed of having a baby shower for a while now, and now that the day is approaching, I just hope that I don't have a breakdown and get too overwhelmed with all the emotions that event will bring.  I'm excited that it will be a co-ed shower because I really want hubby to experience all of this with me.  I had to convince him at first that this was not just exclusively a Mom-to-be thing anymore these days,  and that it will be a lot of fun and not at all too fru fru.  He was more concerned that in his eyes, a shower was a celebration of the hard work a mom-to-be has been through in the past 9 months,  and that as the father-to-be, he hadn't really 'done' anything yet to deserve to be 'celebrated'.  I get his point but at the same time, I feel that because I've been getting showered with attention and all of the focus, I wanted to share that with him because I'm not the only one having a baby here (well, physically I am, but y'all know what I mean) and the shower is really a gathering of our close family and friends to share in our excitement of baby's arrival.  Once he thought about it that way, that it is more a celebration of the baby's pending arrival versus a 'hurray for the mom' party - he was much more open to the co-ed idea.   I've been to a co-ed shower before and it's so much fun, seeing bottle drinking races and fastest diapering races.  Our sisters and my bff have been working hard (I think lol) at organizing this for us and I'm really looking forward to sharing with you how it all goes down this Sunday. 

So I think I'm caught up from my end.  Time to catch up on reading your blogs, friends! 

Your Pregnancy: Week 32
Up until now, you've been seeing your doctor about once a month. Now you'll start seeing her every two weeks, until the final month when you'll kick it up to once a week. We're not suggesting you have "mommy brain" just yet ... but be sure to write down any questions you want to ask her about the delivery. Things are moving rapidly. You're going to want to be as informed as possible.

Your Body
There is something surreal about watching a tiny foot move across your belly (and something uncomfortable about getting jabbed by a tiny elbow in the dead of night). Now that your baby is nice and big and mobile, you'll be getting kicked and prodded in all sorts of unexpected places. Oooof! Did you feel that one in the ribs?

If you're feeling sudden, jerking movements, then your baby probably has the hiccups. Or he could be practicing his routine for So You Think You Can Dance. Changing positions, taking a walk, or drinking a cold glass of water or juice can sometimes get a very active baby to chill with the kidney shots for a while. You could also try telling the baby if he kicks you one more time you're going to come in there and give him a time-out. OK, that won't help ease the discomfort, but mentally it'll make you feel like you're still in control.

Your Baby
Although your baby will still remain active, his days of trying out for Cirque du Soleil are nearly over. About this time your baby will settle into the head-down position in preparation for birth. Other fascinating facts:

Both you and baby are putting on some serious weight at this point. You'll probably gain about a pound a week for the next few weeks, with half of that poundage bulking up baby. He'll likely double his weight in the next eight weeks. Ever wonder what your baby is doing in there these days? He's busy blinking, looking around, grabbing things, making faces, practicing his breathing, peeing and listening to everything around him—pretty much exactly what he'll be doing for the first three months of his life, sans the adoring audience and the flashing camera.


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  2. Getting closer!! So exciting! Can't wait to hear how your shower went. Ours was co-ed too and it turned out PERFECT

  3. How are you already 32 weeks?! Time is going so fast. I have been struggling with the terrible roid issue since Addy's birth...NO FUN! I hope you & your hubby have a great time at your shower, you both deserve it.

  4. I can literally hear the excitement in the voice of your writing! It's so wonderful! Bummer on the hemmorhoids...yay for the shower! Thinking of you!

  5. shower time is so exciting!! Congrats on 32 weeks :)

  6. Yeah 32 weeks! I want to see pictures from your shower!

  7. i hope you have a blessed shower, especially with your hubby. i love that bottle drinking race too! can't wait to see photos!