Wednesday, September 29, 2010

34 weeks and baby shower update

Hiya peeps! 
Sorry I've been behind in posting but now that my *last* quarterly presentation is over and done with for work - I feel free as a bird and finally not consumed with it! 

So today's marks 34 weeks - whooeee! Every day, every week is a milestone and I am getting more and more excited to meet Sprout (and I'm starting to get really curious as to whether it will be a boy sprout or girl sprout!). Right now, Sprout is hiccupping away and I just want to remember all these special moments and put it in a lil' box so I never forget this feeling of this lil' one inside me. 

Our baby shower was a lot of fun and I think our sisters and my BFF did a great job in pulling it all together.  There were funny games, great food, and lots of great friends and family to share it all with. We were so appreciative that we received alot of items from our registry and in the past few weeks, we've been able to get the rest of the stuff that we needed and I'm starting to feel like the to-do list is shrinking - which is awesome! 

As of yesterday, my feet no longer resemble my own - they're like monster size - which is weird for my normally 5.5 size foot.  Thankfully I can still wear my flats to work and out - but as it gets chillier here, I will have to figure out some way of stuffing them into boots! :) 

This upcoming Sunday is the baby shower for one of my good friends, H, who is due with her baby boy 11 days after me.  It's been great to go through pregnancy together, but she is the one that I mentioned a while back - that her hubby is still a bit shell shocked about becoming parents.  It doesn't seem like he's really come around (although don't get me wrong, he's a good guy - just seems like he has not fully grasped that he will be a father to a little being).  ANYway - I say this not to be judgmental, but the other day at girl's nite, we found out that her hubby will likely not be in the delivery room with her, instead, one of our good friends and her mom.  We were all a bit taken a back but my friend played it off like it was no big deal.  REALLY?  I think that unless it was medically impossible for my DH to be there, than there would be no question he would be in the room!  We asked why and basically it's because 'he's not good with that icky stuff - i.e. moaning, possible screaming, etc' - I was floored. I want my friend to have all the support she needs and if she feels that she'll get it from her mom and our friend that's fine, but something tells me that if he does end up missing his son's birth, this will not be a good start for their new family. Ugh! so frustrated for her!  I know it's none of our business but I just hope things will turn out differently for her, even if she tells us she's ok with it.

With that unfortunate piece of news, I leave you with a few pics from our shower - our good friend N took these pics for us - she is awesome!



  1. You look so cute and your shower looks like it was lots of fun! I can't believe sprout is almost here!

  2. You're so so so pretty and glowing! I love it!

    I'm sorry for your friend. I would say that my husband isn't "good" with those things either...but you better believe he'll be in the room with me (though he has requested to be on the "north side" instead of the "south side" of the action...and by "requested", I should say "insisted").

    Sorry to get your hopes up with my post title. Tomorrow...perhaps? Take care!

  3. You look absolutely stunning! Glad you're shower was so fun & you got a lot of stuff for Sprout.

    I'm sorry for your friend. I completely understand why you're concerned for her.

  4. You look so amazing. Glad your baby shower was such a good time and got lots of stuff for Sprout. I look forward to seeing pics of Sprout on his or her arrival day. We started at the same place in this journey, but you will end it with a beautiful little one and I couldn't be happier for you. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and kind words to me and to be able to continue to read about your journey. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  5. Fancy baby shower! You're looking great and I'm also curious whether sprout will be a he or a she. Can't wait!

  6. Happy 34 weeks! You look great and your party looks like so much fun!

  7. Glad to hear your shower turned out perfect. Sprout will be here before you know it! You look great Mommy!♥
    And I totally understand about the feet as I also am a size 5-5 1/2 and it was quite interesting as I watched them start to swell. My sausages as we called them! ;-)

  8. You still look so great. What a wonderful shower!!

  9. You're looking great! Glad to hear things are going smoothly! I was surprised to read about your friend. My DH doesn't handle any yucky stuff but his presence in the room isn't up for debate, and he wouldn't miss it for the world! I sincerely hope things work out for them, maybe reality will set in when baby finally arrives!