Monday, November 30, 2009


So my RPL specialist appointment is this Wednesday! I'm excited but very nervous because I haven't been on doctor's visits for a whole 2 months since the last m/c. Not sure entirely what to expect but this place seems to be my last resort. In the words of my OB, if he can't help you, no one can. Reassuring, I know, right?

The sweet receptionist called today to remind me of the appt on Wed (who btw has called like 2 or 3 times in the past few months to see if I would be able to scoot in as I was on the cancellation wait list but it was always too late notice and I couldn't take the time off to go) - anyhoo, I asked her about this 'package' I was supposed to receive and if it was important and she was puzzled that I hadn't received it in the mail yet.  So we arranged for her to scan and email them to me as they were a bunch of forms (6 pages) to note down my misc.arriage history and my medical history, as well as DH's.

So I got the forms and started to fill them out over my lunch hour. Some things that popped out at me (in no particular order):

1) Some of the blood tests will not be covered by OHIP (our gov't healthcare plan) - so out of pocket is $290. oy.

2) How many pregnancies have you had?  3 - sigh.

3) How many have resulted in live births? 0 , zip, zilch, none

4) How many have resulted in miscarriages?  3 - ok I want to stop filling out this form now.

5) Have you had any therapeutic abortions? NO. what the?

6) What symptoms, if any, did you experience after pregnancy? hmm I wonder if I can put: feelings of guilt, exhaustion, sadness, crying fits, despair?  I settled for n/a.

And on and on it goes.  I guess they need all the information they can get right?


Weekend was good, super busy with getting the rest of the decor up around the house, including my beautiful tree.  We've always had the 'mini' tree up in our old place b/c the ceilings were never high enough, but when we set it up this year in our new house, it seemed really sad and small.  So we added the full last layer of the tree and it's gigantic and gorgeous! Super excited for the holiday parties to start.  I'm obsessing a bit over details (i.e. instead of writing names on cups - I'm printing up a funny pic of everyone on large address labels- and using those as name tags on the cups! how fun is that! )

Wish me luck on Wed. I'm happy that DH was able to take the day off to come with me. We'll see if we can sneak in a visit to the spa as well - cuz with all that is coming up we sure need some good ol' R&R!


  1. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday - hope the RPL specialist is able to offer you some answers. Can't wait to hear how it goes. And ERGH I hate those damn forms you have to fill out with all those stupid questions. Sorry :(

  2. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you on Wednesday! I pray that the doctor is able to provide you with some answers. God bless!

  3. Good luck Wednesday! I really hope this dr has some answers for you. I will be thinking of you and can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  4. ick!!! Not a nice form to fill out. *hugs* Praying for a great visit on weds.

  5. Best of luck tommorrow Wendy! Let us know how things go. If I can give you a bit of advice, write down the names of all the blood tests and any other tests that they will send you for. It's a valuable piece of information to have. You can google them all and read about each test and how it relates to miscarriage. I've learned alot by keeping track of all my tests and their results. I'm much more informed when I go to my appointments now, and feel much more empowered.

  6. I hope your appointment went well. I look forward to hearing your update! I hope the spa day was fabulous - you need that R&R!