Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marginal Sch-marginal and 19 weeks

So apparently I have marginal placenta previa. Great. 

I had my last appt with my OB on Tuesday and she said the results of the level II ultrasound all came back great - except that one thing to monitor and watch out for.  She didn't go into detail about anything but did mention that it was common (not normal) but in a lot of situations the placenta corrects itself as the baby grows.  From what I gather, this will really only affect the birth plan, and if it doesn't move by then, I can't do a vaginal birth. 

I am not so keen about a c-section but really, I will do whatever it takes to get Sprout out into this world safely and into our arms.  I can't say I'm not disappointed though - so the next few months I will be praying that the situation corrects itself and that this is all going to be a moot point at the end.  Because of this, I will likely be getting another u/s around 32 weeks to see what it looks like then.  I am grateful we get to see Sprout one more time (I thought the last one was our last) but I wish it was under different circumstances)

Anybody had a similar diagnosis and stories to share? 

This is what it looks like (I'm the one on the left) 

Oh before I let that get me all down - I'm 19 weeks as of yesterday! That is so crazy to me that I am actually almost at the half way mark. 5 months ago I didn't know what my body was doing and had to trust that God was in control and that I shouldn't worry so much - and here we are today, with a 'normal' progressing pregnancy and starting to think of things that might really happen this time.  I still can't bring myself to look at baby furniture yet, but perhaps in a few more weeks (heck I haven't even bought mat clothes yet - yes I know I should get on that - Christa you made a good point about sizes being gone and now I'm panicking a little!) 

I'm always on the lookout for deals (that ship to Canada) so if you hear of any - let me know!


  1. I hope your placenta shifts for you. 19 weeks! I can't believe it's almost the half way point.

  2. I had the same thing at my 19 week ultrasound. By 26 weeks my placenta had moved up. Don't stress about it. You still have plenty of time for it to move up. Good luck!

  3. I had a friend with this and by the beginning of the 3rd tri it corrected itself. I hope yours does as well. Happy 19 weeks! Once you hit the half way mark looking into buying things tends to get a little easier.

  4. Do your best to stay positive Wendy. I'm sure your heart sunk when you heard this information. Although it does complicate your process, just focus on the fact that your baby is healthy...that's super important.

    Get your butt out there shopping for Maternity clothes girl!!! Seeing that it's summer get yourself a pair of shorts, a pair of capris, and if you dress up for work, a couple of great pairs dress pants and if you like get a skirt or dress as well . The key is having a good base of bottoms (so put your money on those first, don't cheap out too much they get tons of use) Then you can buy lots of tops as needed to mix and match with your bottoms. You'll want a pair of jeans for fall, I'm gonna wait till the fall stock comes in to get mine (which is most probably next month the way the stores work these days).

    Here's a couple of online stores I found that have great prices for baby items:

    They are in USA but offer FREE shipping to Canada (including brokerage). They have some really neat stuff, and great prices (US dollar).

    This is in Vancouver, but offer free shipping on many of their items. They have a great selection and prices

    Seeing that you live in T.O. you might know about the baby superstore, but if you don't, be sure to check it out. You can shop online or in-store (huge selection), they have lots of T.O. area locations

    4 -

    This is a great place for furniture, good sturdy solid quality for a great price. My sister and I both bought our crib's from this store. I used their eBay site to purchase mine as I live far away, and my sister picked it up for me (she lives in Burlington) They have solid wood furniture for FANTASTIC prices. You can go to their warehouse in Mississauga or Hamilton to check out their huge selection and see the quality with your own eyes.

    That's all I have for now, Happy Shopping!!!!


  5. Thanks for the visuals. I'm very unfamiliar with the whole thing, but I'll be praying that it corrects itself.

    We bought our furniture at 22 weeks...which still felt a bit early to me. But there was a 20% off sale, so it made sense.

    I just got some major deals from Old Navy (9 shirts and 2 khakis for $64).

  6. Yeah for 19 weeks! You are almost half way there! Praying that the placenta will shift on its own and you won't have to worry any longer!

  7. I had a low-lying placenta that did correct itself. I was worried about it just as you are, but hopefully it will correct itself as many do. You have a great attitude, though. If you end up having to deliver by c-section, it won't be the end of the world, (although I totally understand the desire for a vag. birth) and as you said, the most important thing is a healthy baby in the end!

  8. Oh no worries, it's sure to move out of the way before 32 weeks - I had the same thing, and so did two of my girlfriends. You'll be fine, don't worry! And if it hasn't moved, you'll deal with that when the time comes and be fine - either way, your sprout will be here in 21 weeks (+/-)!!!

  9. My midwife told me to imagine your uterus like a balloon. Imagine drawing a dot (your placenta) close to the opening of the balloon (your cervix). As you inflate the balloon (your uterus growing) the dot will appear to move further and further from the opening of the balloon. Which kinda helps illustrate why this usually corrects itself. In conclusion, I think you'll get an extra ultrasound with good news at 32 weeks.

  10. yay for 19 weeks!! Praying your placenta corrects itself *hugs*