Friday, August 20, 2010

belated 28 week post

Technically I'm still in the 28th week so not really belated, but I missed posting on Wednesday so here we are! 

So let's see -- Monday y'all know about - the follow up specialist appt -- Tuesday was my regular appointment with my midwife and I got to do the GD test - fun! 

The cold, orange fizzy C-Plus-esque drink was not bad at all - in fact, I found it quite tasty except for the crazy burps I got drinking it in all of 5 minutes.  That wasn't bad.  It was about 5 minutes after downing the drink that I started feeling the room spin and it felt reminiscent of my partying days back in university. Seriously people, I felt intoxicated.  I lay down on the couch in the waiting room and closed my eyes and after a good 10 minutes I started to feel better.  Talk about a sugar rush! 

*p.s. I really hope I pass this test! I DO NOT want to do the 3 hr one - no thanks!!

Anyhoo,  I finally got to meet my primary mw for the first time on Tuesday.  She had been away on vacation for the month of July so I was meeting with my secondary mw during that time.  I was super relieved when we settled right into comfortable conversation and I got a really really good vibe from meeting with her so I'm very excited that I have her as my primary!  

All is good - Sprout apparently is a keener and s/he was head down when she felt and measured me on Tuesday (although, I'm pretty sure at this stage the baby can still flip and move so it's not permanently in ready position yet - am I right about this?) My fundal height is measuring ahead at 30.5 so eeps - I hope I'm not on my way to a big baby here - wouldn't be so fun during L&D! 

I also got the paperwork for my next ultrasound - we want to check in on the placenta situation that they saw back on the 18 week ultrasound so I am praying that it has moved on up and it won't be an issue anymore.  They also want to keep a close eye on a small fibroid that I have but they don't seem concerned about it at all because of it's size at the other ultrasounds.  I am super excited to get to see Sprout again although this time I am considering bringing a large hand mirror so I can see without straining my neck! LOL 

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! We had a very quiet night at home and I can't wait to get away for the weekend and oh! we're also picking up the crib and mattress over the border on Sunday so that will be exciting - our first nursery purchase!

Have a great weekend ladies! 


  1. Hope the test goes well! Keep us posted.

  2. I was worried that I would fail because I liked the drink... I didn't, and I hope you don't, either!

    Happy 28 weeks and hooray for the furniture!!!

  3. If you plan on using cloth diapers you should look into that cross-border too. We haven't had to purchase much yet, with lots of hand-me-downs and kijiji but a big purchase like cloth diapers are probably 40% cheaper in the States so I think we'll be going for a trip soon too! Hope you pass the glucose test. And enjoy seeing your little one on US again!

  4. Ya know I didn't think that drink was too bad either. I'm sorry that it made you feel so yucky afterwards. Hopefully you pass & it's done & over with.

    Can't wait to hear how your u/s goes. They should be able to give you an idea of babies weight when ya do go. But my fundal height was always a week or more over and Addy was 7.14 at birth, so don't stress.

    Happy 28 weeks!!

  5. I didn't think the drink was that bad (but I didn't ask for a second helping either). It reminded me of the punch at the church picnics of my youth. Hang in there!

  6. Yay for 28 weeks!! :) Hope all goes well with the ultrasound.

    You crack me up with the drink...I think its nasty...I have my test in about a week and a half. :)