Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NYC recap and heading into 27 weeks

Hi bloggy buddies! 

So I survived the HEAT.WAVE.OF.THE.CENTURY in NYC and I'm back! Seriously though, could it have been any hotter?  I swear there was only one day (the last day of course) where I hadn't soaked through my undergarments or didn't have a heat rash from my thighs rubbing against one another - oh and I did I mention also getting a mild case of hemorrhoids to top it all off?  (we are past the TMI point now ladies - you don't even get a warning LOL)

My sis and I still managed to have fun - she is the best sis in the world for putting up with my pouty faces and constant dabbing of my 'sweat rag' all day as we trudged through Central Park, 5th ave, Chinatown, SOHO and the Pier. It sucked that we didn't get to walk the Brooklyn Bridge because of the extreme heat - but it will be first on my to-do's next time I go there! 

We bought a 7-day subway pass so we could hop on and off with more convenience but the subway tunnels were at least 10 degrees hotter than it was on the surface level on a good day - so suffice to say that the commute underground was by far the worst I felt. Once you get on the train though, it's sweet relief because they blast the AC but the wait on the dingy platforms in muggy, no-wind/no-ventilation conditions just isn't ideal - pregnant or not! So note to self and all you's out there - don't go to NYC in August!

We were lucky we stayed somewhere pretty accessible to everything - so that was one good thing - we also did a lot of shopping but sadly, only my sis scored all the cute and fun clothes and shoes while I picked up mostly accessories and one dress.  The maternity selection was slim pickins but I did manage to buy the cutest lil' outfit for Sprout at H&M - I absolutely love it and can't wait till s/he gets to wear it this fall/winter! The jacket is fuzzy and warm (jersey lined) and the hood has brown/ivory stripes - how cute is that!

At 27 weeks, I'm feeling really great.  I have noticed my feet no longer resemble human parts - but that of a bear or possibly a green fabled character named Shre.k - they're so swollen! My back issues have gone away for now (I attribute it to aqua fit/yoga and the miles we walked last week in NYC) and my belly button area is now fully stretched and it actually looks bruised - but it isn't - weeeird.  Sprout is fully active now and watching my belly change shape (rolling, kicks, rolling kicks) is pretty awesome and mind boggling.  I still find myself talking to Sprout when I'm by myself - so hopefully s/he will know mommy's voice right away when s/he is born into this world.  

One of my good friends' baby shower was this past weekend and it was so much fun seeing how happy she was.  We've gone through a losses together and now that our babies are going to be two months apart, it will be so nice to have someone going through this transition together. 

We have a baby registry set up now! Thought we were going to have more time but our sisters and my BFF are planning our co-ed baby shower and need the guest list as well as the baby registry to be ready by tomorrow since the shower will be in mid-September.  My parents are going to be in Hong.Kong from Sep 25-Oct 25 so we had to push up the potential baby shower dates up so they could be here.  I'm hoping Sprout doesn't arrive 2 weeks early b/c I really want need my Mommy to be there! 

Other than that - I have my next midwife appt next Tuesday when I finally get to meet my Primary (she was on vaca the month of July) - and I'll also be doing my GD test then as well.  I really hope I pass and I'm trying to be good with sweets but I have been craving chocolate and haven't said no to ice cream too much so I hope I am not causing more harm than good! I also placed a call to the hospital where we have chosen to give birth at to set up an appointment to tour the facilities - so stay tuned for that! 
Lots of catching up to do on reading your blogs so before I leave you to do that, here are some pics from the trip: 

Back to the beginning.. this is where DH proposed to  me in Central Park
Central Park

Havana Grilled Corn yummmm  

Crumbs Bakery - best cupcakes!
No we didn't eat this one LOL
Wouldn't be NYC without random ppl dressed up on the corner!


  1. Cute NY pics! Glad the registry is all set up. I like the Jacket!

  2. Looks like you had a good time - even with the crazy heat! CUTE little outfit for sprout, too! I didn't know H&M sold baby clothes. WTG on the registry. You are getting close!

  3. Great photos and you're absolutely right about the heat (it's still sweltering, by the way)! But I'm glad you had a good time. Good luck meeting your primary, and hurrah for 27 weeks!!!!

  4. Your belly is adorable! Especially in the yellow dress! And the little outfit for Sprout is way cute...albeit probably too warm for us here in Arizona.

    As for the frame around my picture...I have no idea how it got there! I didn't do anything special, so I hadn't even noticed it until you pointed it out! Sorry I can't be of more help.

    I'm anxious to hear about your placenta...maybe you'll get an update at the next appointment. I'm praying it corrects itself.

  5. Wow, I want that Colossal Crumb chocolate cupcake! And that cute fleece baby jacket. Glad you had a good trip!

  6. yum!! I want that cupcake. :) You look so cute...love the bump :)

  7. You look great and not even that sweaty!
    I LOVE baby clothing with ears. I might have to check out my H&M! I had no idea they had baby clothes!

  8. Wasn't the heat horrible?! I couldn't even imagine being on the subway! I'm glad you were able to have some fun though and LOVE the outfit.

    I talked to my little girl all the time when I was pregnant! She definitely knows my voice now too!

    Also, I had a friend who had her babies (twins) 2 weeks before me and it was so great to be able to talk to her and ask questions when Addy arrived. So happy you will have someone like that.