Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ultrasound /Fibroid update

Week: 35 as of tomorrow (holy crap!)
Current fibroid size: 5 cm (from 4 cm at 28 weeks) 
Position: Posterior
Baby: Head down, past the fibroid already
Final verdict: No need for c-section, high-risk OB said she saw no concern!
Me: Relieved, but now panicky that oh gosh this might really happen the way I imagined it (gulp)

So good news all around! Praise God. I feel a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders once we heard the results right after the ultrasound and I kept saying - so, you mean you don't want to see me again for follow up? Are you sure? LOL. I think I might be slightly addicted to seeing Sprout on the monitor ;) 

The OB left to get the rest of the images from her computer and my hubby came over to me and gave me a big hug - we were both smiling from ear to ear and later on in the car, DH was like - see - told you Sprout would 'attack' that fibroid and move it out of the way! I'm like, um hunny, I don't think it works like that but ok we'll take it! LOL 

Basically the OB explained to us that usually when the fibroid is this small, the baby always wins - so she was like - go, have a healthy rest of the pregnancy and good luck in labour! I felt like I was getting a blessing - go forth and give birth!  I know that this doesn't mean a c-section isn't completely out of the question because as we all know, a birth plan is just that, and it doesn't mean it will happen that way, right? but at least now we know that having a vaginal birth isn't completely out of the question. Thanks for all the positive vibes sent my way.  Now we continue to bake and get Sprout fattened up and before you know it, that big day will finally come.  



p.s. If you haven't already, be sure to pop by Laura's page to see her precious new baby Ella and wish her congrats- she has been such an inspiration to so many of us here in bloggy world - I feel as though I've really gotten to know her this past year with all the encouragement and daily blessings she posts about - whenever I'm feeling down, her words just pick me right up - we should all be so lucky to be thankful every day for those little blessings!  Can't wait to hear how motherhood is going and all that I have to look forward to now that so many of you are on the other side!


  1. What amazing news!! I hope I get this great news too at our 30 week u/s. I don't have a fibroid, but I do have partial placenta previa. Which means maybe C-section. So I understand the feelings you have been going through and I am SO GLAD you got good news!

  2. Yeah!!! Great news!
    And to continue the lovefest for Laura - she always puts a smile on my face, too!

  3. Wonderful news. Hope it's a happy healthy delivery!

  4. So glad to hear! You're in the home stretch now, take care of yourself!

  5. I knew you were far along...but I guess I hadn't realized that you were already 35 weeks! You're getting so close!! Praise God that Sprout "attacked" that pesky fibroid!

    Thank you for your kind words. It has been so wonderful to connect with you and so many other women along this journey. I look forward to all that is to come--for both of us!

  6. Such great news! And I totally understand about it sinking in that you have to birth a baby in just a few weeks. Freaked me out too! I think you will do great and can't wait to hear all about it and see pics of lil sprout!

  7. Yay for good news! Yay for beating the fibroid :)

  8. Yay! So glad Sprout kicked the fibroids a@@! I can't believe there's only 5 more weeks!! Can't wait!!!

    Oh & isn't it so exciting each time one of us gives birth to there miracle? Laura's babies arrival has seriously made my week!

  9. Great news! Go Sprout!! You'll be seeing him/her in just a few weeks. Unbelievable!