Thursday, October 14, 2010

36 weeks

Hi all, sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately - I blame being tired and feeling just blahzay lately, I've been busy this week training my replacement at work and it's sucked the life out of me - there is so much to teach but not really a lot of time. Physically, I don't know how much bigger my belly and body can get at this point, because some days, I feel like a giant Macy's day parade float.  The swelling and the uncomfortable feelings as Sprout moves around in there have played a toll on me but guess what?  None of that can take away from the fact that we are SO DARN CLOSE to meeting him/her!! 

I had a teeny bit of a freak out this morning when I found out that a girl I used to work with, had her baby yesterday.  She was due on Nov 9, just one day before me.  ONE DAY people.  I know, I know, just because she had her baby, doesn't necessarily mean I will follow the same destiny - but it's a sure possibility that I hadn't really entertained that thought of being early that much because 1)my parents are still in Hong Kong and 2) I need my mommy here when this show gets started (!)  I just hope and pray that they will be back in time (next week) and all of this worrying is for nothing.  

Other than my parents not being here right now,  I also am a tad bit nervous about the approaching birth day because I haven't seen my midwife in a few weeks, mainly due to the fact that I just had the ultrasound last week and I'll see her this weekend instead.  We still haven't really discussed a birth plan or anything and I know it might be useless anyways, but having the conversation with her will ease my mind a bit, I think. 

I've also been asked many many times in the last week whether or not my bags have been packed.  I have not.  and I don't know whether or not this is because I'm sub-consciously thinking I still have plenty of time, so no rush - but then I get to thinking - well what if it happens tomorrow? I just don't know what I really need!  Any suggestions from new / past mommas out there would be appreciated! 

Let's see, what else do we still need to get done -- 

  • We don't have any newborn diapers - that's high on the list to get. I'm thinking of introducing the cloth diapers when baby is around 1-2 months so for now, it will be disposables.

  • I still have to finish some of my reading, namely the Babywise book that some of the ladies here have read and have implemented/in progress of implementing with their babes

  • We still have to wash all the baby clothes - we did a few loads of the sheets and blankets over the weekend so the next is the undershirts and onesies
  • this may be morbid, but hubby and I need to do our Will - we've never had one but many ppl have advised that we get one drawn up especially now that we have another member of the family coming in - I can't even begin to think who will take care of Sprout should we no longer be able to! ;( but it's reality and we've gotta do it, for peace of mind at least 

I think those are the major things still on the to-do list, and now that I look at it, we have accomplished a lot in the past weeks so overall I think we are in good shape...:) It's just been one of those weeks but I am still really really looking forward to all that's to come!


  1. I had suggested to Laura to bring honey with her. Although I had a home birth & could eat whatever I pleased I just could not eat. However, the lack of food made me even more exhausted so I was sucking down tablespoons of honey & they gave me a real boost.

    I can't even begin to tell you how very excited I am for you! Only 4 more weeks!!

  2. Isn't it crazy that these babies could come any day now?? I"m also in get-stuff-ready mode. Only 4 weeks to go!!

  3. OMG it's getting so close!! You sound about how crazy I was @ 36 weeks. And I think that is around when I packed our bags too.
    And I thought my stomach could never stretch any bigger at that did! lol Not too much, though. I actually stayed the same weight the last two weeks. They say that can happen. Could have also been all that walking I was doing as my due date came and went and still no baby!
    Good luck and can't wait to hear how the last few weeks go!

  4. Yay! Getting closer!! Aside from the "essentials" for your bag (you can find plenty of lists online, or see what I considered my "essentials" from one of my previous posts), the things that we wished that we had were:
    -Sweatshirt/warm clothes for my husband (the room was freezing!)
    -Soft two-ply toilet paper (the hospital grade stuff wasn't comfortable)
    -A binder for all of the paperwork that we got at the hospital
    -An extra bag to bring all the random stuff that we got at the hospital home

    Take care!

  5. Glad you are hanging in! It's getting close.

  6. It's so close! I packed my bag after a few high blood pressure scares and just found out that I may be induced at 37 weeks. Yikes! That's only ten or so days away.

    I can't wait to see sprout!

  7. Here are a few bits of my no-b.s. advice: You will have trouble having a bowel movement after giving birth. They'll give you Colace (a stool softener) in the hospital, but you should get a small bottle for yourself (like 10 pills) for after you get home. Your husband will thank you for the fact that he doesn't have to go into a pharmacy and get some for you. :) Also, make sure you have some heavy duty maxi pads at home. They'll give you some in the hospital, but it takes quite a while for things to get back to normal in that area. Also, pick up some Motrin for after you get home. Some doctors will send you home with percocet or something strong, but having Motrin around is a good idea. I used it for quite a while to combat the pain of breastfeeding even after other things were feeling better.
    For the hospital, I brought a lot less stuff than a lot of people bring. The most important things that I wanted were my toiletries. Make sure you bring anything that will make you feel human (including makeup, hairdryer, etc) after you deliver. I wore only the hospital gown the whole time I was there for two reasons: one, easy access for breastfeeding, and two, I didn't want to get blood on my own clothes. Some people want their own PJs while they're there, though. You really don't need to bring any underwear with you because they'll give you these awesome mesh disposable panties (very sexy) to wear with the huge pads. Haha. Doesn't it all sound AWESOME? ;)
    Yay for getting close!!

  8. Wow, it's coming fast! Try not to stress, you have lots of time to get everything done. And whatever doesn't get done can be done later! Baby won't care if there's a closet full of clean clothes waiting! Try to take it easy and rest as much as possible while you can!

  9. Hi,
    I'm just an anonymous reader, but let me tell you...wash the baby clothes now, get the diapers now (although they will give you some in the hospital), start reading a baby book now. I had my baby about a month early, and, while that was fine for the baby, my partner and I were seriously unprepared. My downstairs neighbor washed my baby clothes while I was in the hospital. My partner bought our baby book (Dr. Sears) while I was in the hospital. We hadn't got our baby's bed yet. etc etc
    Do it now, girl!

  10. I have had my bags packed for weeks LOL I am so excited that you are so close (hugs)