Monday, October 25, 2010

Letting him in on it

Hope you all had a great weekend ladies! Fall is in full effect here and the colours of the trees are just breath taking! 

So in some developing news - I've been losing my mucus plug this weekend - starting Saturday! I don't believe that means I'll be going into labour this second - but it is a good sign right? I've been in super overdrive mode to get things done and in order - I really can't believe that our baby Sprout is almost here! 

Per my post title's a big step for me. I'm letting my hubby in on my blog.  I mean, he's known about it since Day 1 - but I've always maintained that this would be a place that I keep to myself, at least until now. In the beginning, this blog had helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life.  It was here that I learned more about myself than I thought I ever could.  It was here that I developed friendships with all of you that were going through your own struggles with loss and infertility.  I had known from the beginning that I would share my blog with my hubby, and even though he knows all my inner thoughts and feelings, it's different when it's in writing, does that make sense?  I thought it would be nice for him to start reading it now, as we approach the biggest moment of our lives,  so that he will see this journey, through my eyes. 

So, welcome, my sweet hubby - and happy reading! :)


  1. Welcome to the blog, Hubby! We're happy to have you here. And congratulations!!!

    My Dh also knows about my blog, but I don't think he reads it. I'm pretty sure he'd be surprised with some of the things I write.

  2. My hubby knows about my blog also. Now that I mainly blog about our baby Kailyn he does occasionally read it.
    And WOW!! Only 16 days left (more or less) until your lil sprout is here!!!! =0))

  3. Yay!! You are so close :)

    Welcome Hubby to the blogverse :)

  4. My water broke about one week after losing the plug! YOu are so close!!

    Welcome hubby!

  5. Yay! You're getting close to meeting Sprout!! And welcome to your husband!

  6. Welcome to your husband - my husband knows about my blog and reads it. So you are not alone!