Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm jealous of the Robin outside my window

Is it weird that I'm jealous of the Robin that is sitting sweetly on her eggs, nestled in her nest just outside the window of my home office? Has it really come to this - that I'm envious of birds and animals for being able to have babies? *sigh*
Actually, I'm really more rooting for her. I hope that she never has to go through the pain of losing them. I hope that her babies grow and grow and that one day soon, I will wake up to the sweet chirping of her little ones. see top - actual pic of them! DH snapped this shot after climbing a ladder when mother robin was off getting some food).
Counting down the hours until the weekend begins! Lots of great girlfriend time this weekend - a few girls' nite back to back is just what I need!

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