Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Six word stories

So I work in marketing and we were offsite at the ad agency yesterday for a workshop. We were asked to come prepared with a six word story describing ourselves - whether it be our life in a nutshell, a week, or a day in our life. I had never heard of this myself before so check it out at this link if you want:

Interesting concept but so many "six word stories" can describe my life right now:

Happily married. two pregnancies. two miscarriages.
Frustrated yet not hopeless. Trying again.
Hate rude receptionists. Show some understanding.
Binging on junk.Need more exercise.

I decided all of the above that popped into my head right off the bat were just too personal. I decided with:

In desperate need of another vacation. :)

Update on referral nonsense: after another horrible conversation with the rude receptionist - i finally got the referral for August 20 to the specialist. Hallelujah!!

Next on my list is to search for another GP. I can't deal with this anymore! thanks for the supportive comments --gave me the courage to not take crap like this anymore from her!


  1. Glad you finally got your referral. Stick to your guns!!!!

  2. Good luck! Love those six word stories.