Monday, January 4, 2010

new year, new possibilities

It was a busy busy holiday - and I'm happy to report that all 3 parties were a success! (but let me say here and now that I don't think I'll ever be doing 3 weekends in a row ever again LOL)

Hope all of you lovely ladies had a great New Year's with your family and friends - as I counted down this NYE, I closed my eyes and pictured what exciting possibilities could be ahead for us this year.  My church is starting a new series next week on 'Hope' and it couldn't be more perfect timing in my world right now.

On a side note (and for my own tracking) I'm thinking AF is going to come soon b/c I've felt some twinges and the regular symptoms that come with it - which is good, I guess, because we are not supposed to be trying - but a small part of me wishes that was the key - getting pregnant - successfully to term - on a 'not trying' cycle. *sigh*

Back to work tomorrow so should keep me nice and busy until my Feb 8th appt to review our results - fingers crossed!!

Here we go 2010!


  1. Glad your parties went off without a hitch. Praying 2010 brings you your little miracle!

  2. I got stressed out because we WENT to three parties! You must be amazing!
    I hope your results appointment gets here fast!

  3. Wendy, I truly believe 2010 will be a magical year!!

  4. Happy New Year. Hope its wonderful!

  5. Glad to hear your parties were a success!! Don't know how you did three!
    Wishing you a happy new year and that your dreams may come true.♥

  6. Congratulations on the successful parties! You are a braver woman than I am!

    Good luck this year!

  7. Thinking of you and praying for you as we head into the new year!

  8. I love having parties but three weekends in a row sounds like a bit of a nightmare! Good for you for surviving!!

    It's great that your church is focusing on hope. It really does help so much. (It's easier said than done, but it helps.)