Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i'm all ears

Ladies, need your help on this one. Lately I've been on the prowl for some new blogs to read/sites to check out, whether it be IF /RPL or not (i.e. I love cooking/baking/fashion etc) Soooo curious to know,  what are your fave blogs/celebrity sites/recipe sites etc etc? 

What occupies your time when you are bored?

Or when you don't want to work?

Or when you just want to absorb yourself and get lost in something new?  

Do share!

pretty please? 

btw - 6 more days until the LO.ST premiere - yahooooo!


  1.,, Cake wrecks, and I don't know the website, but if you google it 'passive agressive notes'. So funny. These are my usual time wasters, AND humor for the day!

  2. I love cake wrecks, too, and

    Oh, and pioneer woman's blog, too. she has a great cooking blog, and a photography blog... I have a link on my blog or you can google her.

    SO EXCITED for LOST!!!

  3. I love - always good for a laugh. For recipes, I usually visit She puts up low glycemic index recipes that are absolutely delicious, with lots of pictures.

    I'm going to have to google "passive aggressive notes" - sounds hilarious.

  4. *giggle* thanks ladies! I too, *heart* passive agressive notes - I think I spent an hour one day just reading all the entries - at work. shhh don't tell my boss. ;) i'll check out the other suggestions too, thanks! keep em coming!

  5. I'm hooked on and

    I've spent a ton of time at

    Have fun!!

  6. I am so excited for LOST, too!

  7. I am hooked on, I love reading about celebrities and checking out their photo's. The site is updated daily, so I take a moment each day to catch up on the latest from Hollywood!

  8. Thank you s ooooo much for coming to my blog!! I appreciate your comments!! I also want to wish you luck with everything! :)

  9. LOST...can't wait. Actually, that's how my husband and I waste our time (at home, at least) watching and rewatching previous episodes in preparation for Tuesday. But with that in mind, there are also plenty of LOST theory websites to get lost in. I admit that I've spent time on those LOST sites at work (I won't tell if you won't). I love the new picture! (That is new...right?).