Friday, May 21, 2010

15 weeks and a hubby's perspective

Happy Friday bloggies! 

Today is the start of a long weekend here and I'm so excited to shut down my laptop and not look at work until Tuesday! 

Some random reflections/things that happened this week:

  • it's so true what they say about baby brain! I've been forgetful and a tad all over the place! So not me! i.e. I even forgot about an OB appt that I had booked 4 weeks ago! (you know when they book you in for 4 weeks out) 
  • I had a tad bit of a freak out yesterday when I noticed some brown spotting on my liners - I am going to attribute it to the 'activities' that DH and I had engaged in Tuesday evening  - it hasn't come back today so I'm hoping it's just because my cervix was irritated? Has this happened to anyone else? 
  • I think I've changed my mind about finding out the sex of Sprout - originally, I was for it - and DH was for waiting - now I'm for waiting, and DH has flipped over to the finding out side! We have had several discussions about it and for now it seems we are back on the same page, of waiting it out - but I'm sure we'll chat about it again in the weeks to come :) What did you ladies do? 
  •  AHHH I should have put this as #1 bullet point but I FINALLY HEARD SPROUT'S HEARTBEAT!! So I was supposed to have an OB appt on Tuesday (which I completely forgot) and I was rescheduled to see her Wednesday - well, she checked me over and then whipped out the doppler! It was THE most beautiful sound I think I've ever heard! a whoosh whooos whoosh sounded like a choo choo train!  Beating nice and strong at 156 bpm :)) 
  •  The initial NT results are good (Praise God) - the measurement of the fold was 2.4mm and I believe anything below 3.0mm is considered average/normal. My blood work still has to come back but I also go for IPS #2 blood next Tuesday 
  •  Our midwife orientation appointment is fast approaching! Hubby and I are excited to meet them on Tuesday and get the lo-down on everything and make our decision to go in their care as soon as possible 
  •  We're starting to get official congrats from ppl who are finding out via the grapevine - it feels a bit weird still but I am starting to enjoy it more and more each time someone offers their well wishes
  • I was a complete mess last night after watching the Grey's finale - *spoiler alert* - not only was the episode so emotionally charged, but then they had to throw in Meredith's miscarriage at the end :( It's not often you see that on primetime television so it really caught me off guard 
  • My hubby opened up to me last night about how he thought about this whole having-a-baby thing ;)  You see, we have good friends that are also expecting (only 2 weeks behind us) - but the husband has been a bit lukewarm to the idea as he wanted to wait a bit longer to have kids. DH told me about their email 'conversation' and it gave me a glimpse as to what he was thinking too.  Our friend asked my hubby how he was dealing with all of this - and DH said to him "because of what we've been through to get here, and all the stuff that is happening with his mom, there is nothing more important than family."  He went on to say, "I was thinking that when it's time for me to leave this earth, I want to have something to show for it.  Something to show for the love that I've shared with my wife." Then our friend asked him when he started to feel a connection (as he's still trying to connect) and my DH responded "when we were at our 12.5 week u/s - and he saw Sprout 'fight back' when the technican started roughing up my belly - he was like - that is my son/daughter and s/he is a fiesty one like me, THAT's when I connected". 
So you see, dear bloggies - the significance of this little story - I had no idea up until last night the moment that my husband felt this connection - I realize that it's so much sooner for us ladies because of all the physical and emotional changes we experience, so I am so grateful to hear that my hubby feels the way he does now and shared it with me. Heart melting. 

I hope that my friends' husband starts realizing the miracle that is growing inside his wife right now and be thankful that they did not have to go through any heartache to get there.  


  1. So glad to hear everything is moving along smoothly and that you are starting to enjoy all the wonderful moments of pregnancy. I love the conversation your husband had with the friend...makes all us women realize that although men don't often share their feelings openly like we do, they are thinking and feeling these have a wonderful husband who truly understands this journey. Hope the friend gets the message as well.

    Happy Friday and God Bless.

  2. Oh what a sweetie your DH is, it's great that he has a connection with sprout already! He's right - family is all that matters!

    I'm so glad that you heard the hb, that is WONDERFUL!

  3. Lots going on! Your husbands strong bond is so sweet!

  4. Your hubby sounds awesome. Having such a kind loving man makes even the toughest times that much easier to handle. And I hear ya on the baby brain!! It only gets worse!!

    P.S. SOOO thankful you put spoiler alert about Grey's!! Watching it with hubby tonight!

  5. great post! coincidentally, at 15 weeks, I also had spotting which really freaked me out b/c it was bright red. not much, but red. we rushed to the hospital only to see our baby was fine. no more spotting since then...and we never found out what caused it (we hadn't had any "activities" around that time). Doc just said thatsometimes, ladies spot for no reason when they're pregnant.

  6. I can't believe your already 15 weeks!! I know I have said it before but I am so happy for you!
    And I can totally relate to the preggo brain loss! Sorry to tell you but mine is still not back after she is here!!

  7. So so sweet! :)

    Good luck with that "Baby Brain!" It's getting worse for me!

  8. love to hear about hubby's connection. That is so sweet.