Monday, May 17, 2010

Flutters? Gas? Who knows!

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was lovely - ours was jam packed full of wedding celebrations - our first Indian wedding and I even got to wear a sari that my friend (the bride) lent me!

Ok so enuff of that. Down to the real reason for this post.

So I'm sitting here on my couch and all of a sudden I'm feeling this strange sensation like north-east of my belly button. Here's how I would describe it:

Bubbles popping
thumpity thump in succession

Is this Sprout? Or is this too much Indian food this weekend?  I've never felt it before but is this too early to feel?

What did your first flutters feel like? :)


  1. Oooh, I bet it's the wee sprout you're feeling!!! I felt the first flutters around 14/15 weeks but was in total denial that that was what I was feeling until around 17 weeks.


    (Oh, and that website is:

  2. As much as I would love for you to be able to feel Sprout...your uterus is "typically" lower than your belly button at this stage of your pregnancy. Everyone is different, so it definitely could be! But now that I know that I'm feeling our baby girl, I can tell that she is really low (definitely below my belly-button). So I really hate to be a downer...but it sounds like it's probably gas. But know that I know exactly what you're feeling (emotionally, at least), in wondering if it's baby or something else. If anything, I tried to tell my body that "something" was happening. And if I am feeling just gas...then it's because a baby is growing and taking up room, thus making everything else more noticeable. Trust me, you'll know for sure when you know (and it's an amazing feeling). Hang in there!

  3. I hope it is Sprout! If not, then at least gas has gotten a bit more exciting! :)

  4. I keep feeling "something" too. I cannot wait to feel the baby, but I'm sure mine is gas. Wonderful, fluttery gas? Nope, not the same. You never know!

  5. I'm in agreement with Laura that it sounds a little high to be sprout. However, I did start feeling movement in my 14th week this time (which I only knew because I knew what I was looking for this time.) I've read that very petite people (which you look like you are) are able to feel their babies moving sooner than those with a little more padding, so you never know! With my first baby, I felt him moving in my 18th week (and it was unmistakable then!)

  6. sounds like little Sprout!! I was just saying that I swore I just felt my first flutters today.

  7. Eeek isn't the anticipation just driving you nuts? I'm going crazy wondering "was that him or is it all in my head?". Yea, like the other ladies mentioned, I think your sprout is about 3 inches below your belly button right around now. I'm 17 weeks and I feel this weird sensation randomly throughout the day - like that feeling you get when you drive over & down a hill or roller coaster. I can't really pinpoint that this is IT so I'm just waiting until a really big thump/kick, otherwise, I'll just go nuts! Besides...the doppler's still my safe bet. :) Good luck! Looks like you and the 'lil one are doing just fine!

  8. just like that! i started feeling "gas" at 15 weeks, and my OB confirmed that that was actually baby b/c I was feeling "gas" much too low to actually be "gas"! Your tummy is higher than your belly button by know, so you're probably feeling baby. You'll know for sure around 17 weeks!!!

  9. So exciting. I bet it's amazing!!