Friday, July 30, 2010

Off to the Big Apple and 25 weeks

I love New York. I mean, I really love New York.  My last planned trip this year is with my younger (and only) sister and we are heading out for a week - just the two of us! Last time we took a trip to NYC together was about 2 years ago so it's going to be super fun to travel together again - especially to our favourite city! We've planned everything around must-eat food places (surprise surprise) so I can't wait to share pics of the yummy food I'm about to savour! I think Sprout will be nice and happy :) 

Hubby is also taking a 'solo' trip - at the end of the month he's off to L.A to visit a good friend of his - and after that - no more trips for us! We had a good talk last night about our finances and how we're going to deal with my reduced income when I go on my year-long mat leave.  We feel a bit anxious about it but we know that we can manage and get through it, just like any major milestone in our lives we didn't think we could handle financially (wedding, first house, second house etc) but we did!

I'm a bit past my 25 week post but much like a fellow blogger, I'm starting less and less to focus on what week I'm on and starting to panic a bit at how many weeks are left! DH and I will be doing the baby registry stuff when I get back from my trip - and oh! Our sisters and my bestie are starting to plan our co-ed baby shower!  It's a bit surreal that Sprout will be getting a party in his/her honour - I've been looking forward to this moment in our lives for a while now and it feels great to be able to look at the future in anticipation and excitement. 

In addition to going to aqua fit regularly now, I also tried out prenatal yoga this week and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it!  It was very relaxing and calming, and I got a nice stretch and practiced breathing.  I definitely think I'll be going back!

Gotta start packing now -  Hope you all enjoy your weekends!

This is me in NYC, circa 2005 - the trip that DH proposed to me on:)

And this is the last time I was there with my sis in 2008! 


  1. Have fun!!!!! NYC is a magical place. Eliza went there when she was a fetus, too! :)

  2. I hope that you have a fabulous time! Remember to stop and rest your feet from time to time!

  3. Hey your gonna be soooo close! We live on LI! Hope you have a great time. I live traveling with my sister!

    Also, I understand your concerns w/finances. My job gives a year Mat leave but I'm hoping that we can afford for me not to go back at all.

  4. Wow, you and your sister really look alike! Definite family resemblance there. Enjoy NYC!

  5. I hope you have a great time in NYC! And that Sprout gets a lot of yummy food;)

  6. Have fun! I have always wanted to go to NY, but I never have. Someday... :)