Thursday, August 20, 2009

Appointment day, finally!

So as most of you know, getting this appointment today to see the OB was quite a feat but it was finally here. I woke up early, had my notepad and list of questions to ask, names of some tests that I wanted to ask about, and I was on my way out the door with plenty of time to spare. I got into the office 15 mins early, filled out some paperwork and then boom I was in at 10 on the dot.

Was I in the twilight zone?

I don't think I have ever actually had an appt that was on time. Ever. At my family dr.'s, I usually have to carve out a 3 hour time range, to account for travel to and fro (maybe 30 minutes tops) and the rest waiting in the sitting room and then another wait in the patient room. So needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I was the lucky one today to be the 'guinea pig' of the young, soft spoken intern that ushered me into the patient room. She pulled out her brand new Bic pen and flipped my brand spanking new chart open and proceeded to ask me a series of questions about my history. I could tell she was nervous b/c she kept mixing up the dates of my 1st and 2nd m/c's, and the length of my cycle, flow patterns, medications, etc.

Painful as it was, she finally got it all down and went to get the real doctor.

Dr. K walked in briskly and proceeded to review all the questions that above mentioned intern (hereby known as newbie) had jotted down. I guess this was a good thing, just in case she penned something totally inaccurate - but really? do I have to keep repeating that I have had 2 pregnancies and yes, no children?

Anyhoo, I appreciated Dr. K's refreshing candor and 'to the point' approach. She told me what I had heard quite a lot of. That the cells just didn't come together and make a perfect baby, nature's way, yada yada. And that she is not at all concerned that I've had 2 back to back m/c's - and that there really isn't anything one can to do prevent one from happening.

-- btw, did I mention that the patient room was a bit small so there were only two chairs, one for me, the other Dr. K was sitting in, and newbie was also there, standing a few feet away 'observing'? it was quite odd.

I digress. Dr. K said there were a bunch of tests I could order (which I did) to give me some peace of mind; but that she didn't think I had lu.pus anti.coaglant anti.bodies b/c I didn't have the 'symptoms' but I could run the test if it were my choice to rule it out. All in all, she scribbled down 4 tests on the blood lab sheet and in hindsight, I'm kicking myself that I didn't ask her what she was writing down (I can barely read it - it's all squiggles)

I went to the lab a few floors below but it turns out that one of the tests is only collected /analyzed on Monday and Wednesdays (because of what, I have no idea - discount on couriers that day? shrug) so on the advice of the nurse, she thought I would probably only want to be pricked once vs. a few times (um yes, how did you know?)

woah - just staring outside at the crazy orange-y after a severe thunderstorm sky this evening. Apparently there were tornadoes touching down in a few places around Toronto - this is NOT normal.

I digress again. So long story short (guess not so short after all LOL) I really have no new answers BUT I am so glad to have finally talked to someone and calmed some of my nervous anxiety down. I'm going back to get the blood work done on Monday so hopefully in a week or so we will know if there is anything they can find with those tests. (I'm also going to ask the blood lab ppl, what I'm being tested for - geesh! )

* So update: my tests are for Lupus anticoagulant, RH, and antibodies - got drawn today (Monday) so hoping results come in sometime next week! another side note....I think AF is going to show her ugly self tomorrow...ugh


  1. I'm so glad you got your appointment, and that those crazy storms didn't affect you (My brother in law got stuck on the 401 when it blew through...such bizzare weather). I've taken almost every test now, and although everything keeps coming back normal, it makes me feel better to know the test has been done. My goal has been to take all the tests so I don't have to worry about those reasons anymore. I have one last test in a couple of weeks, then I'm on my own. So although nothing may come of your testing. Keep pushing to get all the tests done so that you can have peace of mind.

  2. This sounds like a wierd hope, but I hope you get an answer from one of these blood tests!

  3. I hope these results give you some extra peace of mind. Wishing you the best and keep us posted when you get the results!

  4. yay, I'm glad you had your tests done! I had those same ones done too, after my 2nd back to back MC. And I also had the same speech given to me by my doctor....My tests came back normal too. But luckily, I pushed further and asked for an HSG to check the shape of my uterus and whether that was a cause of my MCs. Lo and behold, I got the test and found out I had a subseptate uterus. Sooooooooo, if your blood tests come back normal, I'd ask for an HSG to check for uterine malformations too.

  5. Thanks B Mom for that tip! I was thinking of checking the uterus too --- but curious - don't they see if there is an issue when they do intra-vag ultrasounds? (just curious b/c I had a few done after the 1st m/c)

  6. Hi Wendy, I neve saw your question until now and wish I had answered it sooner. No, no one saw the subseptate even though I had a couple of intra-vag ultrasounds during my first two pregnancies. With an HSG, they squirt saline water into your uterus to open it up, and normally, it should open into a nice oval...but mine opened into a crescent moon (which clearly indicated to the doctor that I either had a fibroid or a subseptate uterus). L