Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Blahs

Lately I've been feeling just 'blah'. And it doesn't help that it's a Monday to a new month. I still can't get over that fact that a year ago we were just naively starting down this baby making path (actually I was still preggo with #1 last year this time) and here we are, a year later and showing barely visible battlewounds but underneath, the scars are there. 

I should be getting AF this week - either tomorrow or Thurs - my cycle has sped up a bit in the last two cycles but I expect it anywhere between day 26 and 28.  
I haven't worked out in a few weeks and I'm thinking that's where my 'bleh' feeling is coming from. I don't have those happy feelings aka endorphins running through me! 

Yesterday DH and I literally just vegged out after grocery shopping and errands - we bought a few new blurays - the hangover (it's hysterical -but still don't get how it won a gold.en glo be?) and cloudy with a chan.ce of (tres cute). 

Did anyone catch the Gra.mmy's last night - some of the performances were just wow! (like pink?!) and others (drak.e/em) were um - censored beyond belief? why even bother!

Also watched Miss.America Sat night- I was really rooting for Ore.gon but boo didn't advance let alone win! ) -I'm sorry but did anyone else feel like the end was very rushed? No build up to the crown whatsoever! Mario, I'm disappointed! 

See - told you I vegged out this weekend! 



  1. I love the Hangover too! So funny.

    I also thought Miss America was extremely rushed. They could hardly say 5 words for their interview questions. Then, when the runner ups were awarded their flowers they were not even allowed to wave. They were rushed off the stage.

  2. I've never seen The Hangover, but we watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs over the weekend with our boys. We all loved it.

    Is that a picture of you and your DH on your sidebar?

    I am excited for LOST, too! :)

  3. hey Em! (and I blv Laura commented on it too) but yes that me and DH at our wedding in our traditional outfits - mine being Chinese and his is Filipino (he's half Indonesian as well)

  4. I noticed the new picture too. You guys are adorable. :)

    I know the feeling of those blahs. Not being able to exercise is getting to me. It's not that I adore exercising so much that I don't like an occasional break, but I really do miss the feeling of knowing that I've done it. (Does that make any sense?) It just kind of makes me feel better about myself.

    Hope you can pull out of the blahs soon. Winter can be rough on the psyche too. :(

  5. Yay for LOST in just over 24 hours. :) I also realized that your results appointment is next week. I'll be praying for patience until that point, and peace and understanding in your time with the doctor. Take care!

  6. It's nice to have a face with the name! You guys make a cute couple, and I love your traditional outfits!

    LOST is in a few hours!! :)

  7. *hugs* Wendy I am thinking of you. Praying for you.

    I know that Blah feeling....withdrawl from the gym will do that to you.

    I saw Pink...she is amazing.