Wednesday, July 14, 2010

23 weeks

Wow 3 posts back to back - whata g'wan?! :) 

Haven't done one of these questionnaire's yet so here we go! 


How far along: 23 weeks :)))

Total weight gain/loss: + 10 lbs (i think - we didn't weigh in at my last appt!)

Maternity clothes: Finally bought some maternity bottoms! Tops I'm still doing longer tees/tanks and thankfully it's summer so I'm wearing tons of dresses!
Stretch marks: Not. yet. and hopefully never! (ya right). I've been using this really good cream called Naked.Body.Butter from Bliss! (at Seph.ora)

Sleep: Getting to be a bit more uncomfy. I have a body pillow that I'm using but because it's so hot lately it just ends up getting pushed to the side. I usually start and end on my back - which I used to freak out about but not anymore having talked to ppl and midwife - my body will know what to do apparently so I'm trusting that

Best moment last week: Hubby feeling the swift kicks from Sprout - he had felt 'something' a few weeks back but this time there was no question!

Movement: All the time! Yesterday I played the remote control game with Sprout to see if s/he could kick it off my belly -- the remote rattled and shook like a mini earthquake - it was amazing to watch! 
Food cravings: Rainer cherries! Got hooked on them in Cali and been searching for them endlessly here in Canada -  Been trying to eat more healthy but I popped open a bags of Lays regular chips the other day so it's up and down :)

Food aversions: None right now - but prepping meat is starting to gross me out - which never did before

Gender: It's a surprise! any bets/guesses?
Labor Signs: nope thankfully!

Belly Button in or out: Stretched like it's going through a wind tunnel :( half in and out at this point
What I miss: Sushi, smoked salmon, being flexible and nimble

What I am looking forward to: Feeling more movement and starting to plan the nursery!

Milestones: I'm at 23 weeks!  


  1. Looking good! I'd miss sushi too!!

  2. Congrats on 23 weeks! Only 10 pounds is great!

  3. salmon is ok to eat as long as its cooked. :) Yay for 23 weeks!!

  4. So much fun to be past a lot of the worrying, and into the planning and preparing! Enjoy it! :)

  5. There have been so many girls lately in this community...there's got to be a boy out there somewhere! Either way, I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you, hubby, and Sprout!

  6. You look and sound so happy, congrats. Glad to see that everything is moving along so well...God is good. Can't believe it is 23 weeks already...amazing! Thanks for your recent comment to me about the weight loss has been up and down for me lately, but trying to get back on track. Enjoy planning and preparing the nursery.

  7. Yayyy!! I love the questionaire's! ;-)
    Well my SIL is 20 weeks PG and she is having a girl. My other 2 friends are 30 weeks and 33 weeks and they are also both having girls. So maybe you will break the trend around here with a boy?!