Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our first official purchase

So the same day that hubby and I went to aqua fit this past weekend, we also went on our first official - what we called - "Stroller/Car Seat and Crib Education Day". We figured it was time for us to get informed about these must-haves before we got caught up with other things and be ready to do our baby registry with a good handle on what we needed and what we could do without. 

We first went to a more upscale store (we didn't realize it) - the kind of store with $1000 gliders and bugaboo's strewn about -- and quickly found that it wasn't for us (budget and practicality).  So off we went to a mall with a bunch of choices, like department stores like Sears as well as Babies r us to check out travel systems and other baby related items.

We soon found out quickly how cumbersome (and heavy!) these travel system strollers were, we even simulated how it would be if I were by myself and going from the car to opening the stroller, to collapsing it and to lug it up to a height similar to my SUV.  Yah - not so easy for someone of my size! 

Here's my adorable hubby is amongst a sea of strollers:

and here he is trying to un-fold one of the complicated strollers (which by the way, never ended up back in its original floor model position LOL) 

and me trying one on for size:

So after a fun afternoon of shopping - hubby even asked me if I wanted to go into a maternity clothes store because there were some sales (um hello - who are you and what have you done with my hubby?! yes please! LOL) - we decided that travel systems just weren't right for us - namely because I would be the one using it the most on my year off and it just wouldn't do! 

We researched some snap-and-go systems and actually saw one stroll by us in the mall and we immediately knew that it would be the one for us.  Luckily, we found it on craigs.list last night and found a great deal on the Baby.Trend Snap N Go - so now all we need to do is find a car seat! It's light weight (like 11 pounds!) and folds super easy and still has cup holders and a big basket for storage. We were pleasantly surprised at how new it still was - it looked barely used! I'm very happy that we got this and although it's a bit scary that it's now sitting in our basement and THIS IS FOR REAL NOW (!) - the feeling subsides quickly when I think about when I get to push lil' Sprout around in it! 
What were one of your first purchases?  What do you think about buying a second hand crib?  We want to buy our car seat new for sure but really trying to save some moula where we can! Any recommendations/advice on what we really need/vs. don't need are welcome!


  1. Congratulatons on your first purchase! Our first purchase(s) were pieces for the nursery which we ordered 1 1/2 weeks ago (crib, dresser & glider.) We took went for a day of exploring before we bought anything! There is a lot to think about. We still have not 100% decided on the stroller & carseat!

    I think getting a 2nd hand crib is OK if you are confident in the safety and condition of the crib!

    I am sorry I do not have much more in terms of advice as we are in similar spots of looking & learning! I will be interested to see what advice you do receive!!

  2. First purchase is exciting...we haven't purchased anything big. Just a couple outfits :) Thinking about the crib probably in another few weeks!!

  3. You look good with that stroller!

  4. My first purchase was a bumbo and a monitor (and then I got yelled at for buying such good shower gifts...oh well!) For the stroller thing, I TOTALLY get what you're saying. We have a travel system and it takes up our entire trunk and weighs so much. It doesn't even fit right in the trunk and the handles have torn in places just getting it in and out. I'm wishing we had bought a snap and go system instead.

    For carseats, I have a Graco, but my sister-in-law has an Evenflo and she can definitely see the differences. Apparently the visor on the Evenflos don't pull down past the handle. So, when we're in the car I just pull the visor forwards so it blocks the sun, but she can't do that with hers. Also, the Evenflo's straps don't loosen very easily - you have to loosen them at the back of the carseat and it is a big pain - whereas the Graco one is really easy, you just push the button at the front and pull the shoulder strap.

    So, I don't know a THING about any other carseats, but those are some things that really bug my SIL about her Evenflo carseat that aren't really problems with Graco. Buuuuut, Graco is also more expensive.

    Anyway, hope this helps!

  5. We bought cribs and a dresser. We bought our car seats a few weeks ago and got the double snap and go stroller. I think I'll start a registery soon for some other things now.

    I tried to find second hand cribs online, but I had wanted them to match so I ended up buying new ones. I think Graco makes some fairly inexpensive ones if you don't find one that is pre owned.

  6. My first purchase was a glider that was on sale super cheap at Target. I am all for buying a used crib or any nursery furniture for that matter. And so far my favorite purchase has to be Adelyn's Baby Einstein Play Mat.

    Love how you and hubby walked around taking pictures of each other in the baby store...hahaha!

  7. We're going with the travel system...but we're both tall, and I drive a SUV so don't have to worry about the in-and-out of the trunk issue. Our first (and really "only") purchase was the nursery furniture at 22 weeks. It still felt too early, but the 20% sale was ending the next day. Scary and exciting at the same time!

  8. Good job with the snap and go! I have one and I use it constantly. I LOVE it. I have watched people struggle with the travel systems while I lift my stroller out with one hand. I want to stop people on BRU and tell them about my stroller.
    Laura - the snap and go does not work for tall people, so you chose the right thing!
    The first thing I bought for the baby was a stuffed eeyore. It felt great!