Monday, July 12, 2010

Aqua-Fit time

So I blogged earlier about my dear hubbs wanting to take me swimming (he LOVES to swim - he's such a water baby)  - and I don't mind swimming - I just wasn't thrilled about the thought of me strut'n around in a bathing suit, let alone squeeze into one.  I finally warmed up to the idea of it and I even went out on to purchase an oh-so-sexy-one-piecer *cat whistle* on Friday. It actually is kinda cute, very chic, almost 50's style halter, good cuppage for the girls and ruching all across the middle section, in solid navy. I even bought it in a regular store - just a size M instead of a S.  The ruching I think will provide lots of room to grow into, and the material is uber-comfortable - I don't feel like a sausage at all. 

So onto the class itself!  Now you know I've been dealing with some back issues in the last few months or so - so naturally, I wanted to figure out some way of relieving that or strengthening my core so that my back would be properly supported through to the rest of the pregnancy. 

We got there bright and early around 8:15 in the morning and had the pool to ourselves until the older ladies and gents started arriving for the 9 am class.  At first it was fun - just a lot of moving around and loosening up the joints, but this went on for 1 hour! It was definitely much easier on my back and the best part is - I loved the feeling of weightlessness!!  I didn't even care how I looked because hey - if these cute old people can be in their bathing suits at goodness-knows what age - so can I - and if people stare - it's because they're looking at my bump, not my thighs!

So despite the initial hesitation, I am totally game for this now - I'm going to check out another pool in a community center tonight by myself and hopefully all goes well! 
In other news, I am super excited that one of my girlfriends (the one that went into pre-mature menopause so her sister donated her eggs for their IVF) - she just found out that she is indeed, successfully pregnant after their transfer last Saturday!! I even gave her my unused test from the same pack that I tested positive for Sprout on - saying it was 'good luck' :)  Now waiting anxiously for her next beta on Wednesday to see the numbers go up - oh, how I'm hoping and praying for them - they have been through so much and would make such great parents!! 

Lots of good news going around, but if you haven't by now, make your way over to Dawn's blog to congratulate her on the arrival of her beautiful girl Adelyn,  and to Em's blog to congratulate her on cute lil' Liam's (aka Mingo) arrival!  Loving all the babies that are coming!


  1. Oh, I bet the water feels great! Especially with this heat lately.

  2. Swimming absolutely got me through my third trimester. The weather here got (and still is) just out of control and it was the only thing that made me feel better.

    Thanks you for linking my blog too!!! I am so excited about all the babies!!!

  3. Swimming sounds great. That is such great news about your friend!

  4. I spent everyday at the pool with my guys the past few weeks! I know I looked like a hippo, but I did not care! I loved being cool and weightless!

    Thanks for linking to my cute little guy! :)

  5. That sounds great! It finally warmed up the last week of my pregnancy and I went in my Mom's pool. It was GREAT!

  6. I'm sure you look super cute in your swim suit. I've started doing a pool workout, and man does it ever feel good. My back has been bad these past few weeks and between the Chiro and the pool, I'm now doing much better. Keep it up, it's great exercise that prepares your body for birth!