Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That wasn't fun

We had our 3rd wedding this summer this past Saturday - one of my good guy friends finally tied the knot with his gorgeous bride and it was a fabulous affair.  Non-traditional, they held the ceremony and the reception at a posh restaurant in downtown Toronto and it was top notch everything. 

Except whatever I ate, I got food poisoning - or the 48 hr stomach flu, whatever it was, it SUCKED. 

I started having really bad pains as the dance floor opened up (like right under the boobs, above where I think my stomach is now)- and I thought it was the new (and expensive grrr) strapless bra I was wearing - but I soon found out early Sunday morning that it was indeed, not attire-related at all. 

I've been blessed not to have been sick at all this pregnancy. As in, no morning sickness, no head cold, etc etc.  So maybe this was a little bit of my share? 

I had the worst diarrhea ever - and by early Sunday afternoon I was burning up with a fever.  Hubby and I went out to get Gator.ade (to replenish my lost fluids) and lunch - and nothing was settling right in my poor tummy.  I promptly took a 5 hour nap and basically sweated out the fever - but when I woke up I didn't have much of an appetite but I knew I had to keep hydrated and eat something so poor lil' Sprout would still be ok.  I read up on how food poisoning or stomach flu could affect the baby and I was relieved to find out that the baby was protected by the placenta and would not be subject to any nasty bug that my body was trying to flush out. 

I didn't work yesterday, just took the day to recuperate and get my strength back - although I really wanted to go to Aqua fit class last night, I decided against it just in case my stomach started churning in mid-water-bounce.  *shudder - oh the horror* Yah, wouldn't have been pretty.  

I'll leave you with a few pre-food poisoning pics from the wedding: 

my hubbs and I: 
My besties 
(the one to my left is 2 weeks behind me):

the beautiful newlyweds:


  1. I'm so sorry that you were sick-- that can certainly ruin a wedding! On the plus side, you look fabulous in your adorable green dress.

  2. Oh no! Sorry you were sick, yuckity yuck yuck yuck. I hate food poisoning. You look so so so cute in that dress, though :) And I love your haircut.. I might need a change soon and you're looking so cute with that short hair I might think about copying it ;)

  3. So sorry you got sick. The wedding looked amazing and all you ladies looked beautiful!

  4. UGH! So sorry you got sick, but I'm glad that everything is fine with the little one. Great pics. You look terrific!

  5. awe thanks ladies - you sure know how to make a girl feel good!

  6. Beautiful picures! You look great. I hope you are feeling better!

  7. That sucks! I'm sorry you got sick. You & your hubby are so cute! Love the belly!

  8. that is awful that you got sick, but you looked very beautiful!

  9. Food poisoning is THE WORST:( So sorry it hit you but I'm glad you're on the mend. (And as the other ladies have said: you are looking lovely!)

  10. Ewww. I am sorry you got sick. At least you looked beautiful!