Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bad blogger ... and 22 weeks?! wow

Hi everyone! 
I can't believe that it's almost been two whole weeks since I've properly blogged - I attribute it to...well, nothing really - guess it's just been a mixture of a bit of laziness and being constantly on the go! 

So here we are, marking 22 weeks tomorrow and Sprout is getting more and more active than ever. What started out as bubbles, blips and taps are now what feels like aerial somersaults, knocks, and teeny tiny karate kicks. I've gotten over how strange it feels (at first it made me feel nervous - the whole - something is trying to get outside of me!) but now I feel so comforted in feeling regular movement, and getting to know the patterns in which this baby will move depending on time of day and the sleeping position I'm in. 

I love the feeling of knowing s/he is ok still so the fear of something bad happening has been tucked away in the back corner and now it rarely makes an appearance - although I know there is no 100% guarantee, it finally feels good to not have that fear run wild and through my thoughts. We even bought our first baby item - a cute newborn outfit with giraffes and duckies! And yesterday, for the first time during this pregnancy, I finally got the nerve to park in the designated expectant mother spots! I no longer felt like an imposter or intruder to the Club - but felt proud to be able to 'announce' it to the world by this public display of parking prowess.

I was so tickled that I did it that I took a pic to commemorate:

The only complaint that I have so far is that my back has still been whacky - depending on how much walking/bending I'm doing that day. The sciatic nerve acts up quite a bit but I'm starting a prenatal yoga next week with my other gf that is expecting in September - and hubby wants to go swimming together this weekend so that should be interesting because I keep thinking back to that whale I took a picture with a few posts ago and how much I'm starting to resemble it. 

Anyhoo ;)

So let's get on to the San Fran trip! a.k.a the last trip as "Married with No Children".  It was a tonne of fun and although it was a tad chilly (seriously NOT what I expected for Cali!) we were blessed with sunny skies and a great week overall.  We literally ate our way through San Francisco *drool*, as we had researched some of the best places to try out and basically built our itinerary around key foodie places ;) 

We had amazing breakfast at Mama's in North Beach;

hit up the North Beach festival in little Italy;


spent a beautiful day in Sausalito with our good friends;

had my chowda! at the wharf; 

devoured In-n-Out burgers for the first time; 


And enjoyed the magnificent awesome-ness of Muir Woods:

There are like, literally 450 pictures so these few don't really do it justice, but we really enjoyed the time we had together and will definitely return to SF one day - with the little one in tow! 

Next up - NYC at the beginning of August with my sister - the final/FINAL trip! Last pic is an updated belly pic of me at 20 weeks: 

Whew that was a long post but I will try to post more regularly b/c I'm starting to forget things and I don't want to forget anything about this pregnancy!

For those of you ladies that are soooo close to the big L&D day - I'm so so excited for you and keep praying for each of you each night.  Has anyone heard an update on Janet lately? 


  1. You and that belly are so dang cute, I can't even stand it! Congrats on 22 weeks, and what a great trip to SF! Glad you did that, it's a great thing to do before baby gets here.

  2. You are adorable. Congrats on 22 weeks! I love In In Out! I eat there all the time. And, I love expectant mother parking. I miss that. Enjoy every minute.

  3. Oh my what a beautiful trip. You are gorgeous!! Congrats on 22 weeks.

  4. There you are!! I've missed you...lol! I LOVE the belly pic...you look amazing! It seems so crazy that it's 22 weeks already.

    Janet is holding up. I got a recent e-mail and if you give me your address, I can forward it to you if you'd like.

  5. I just can't believe you're already 22 weeks!! That's so amazing. I feel like you just announced you were pregnant. :)

    You look great, and that trip sounds fantastic. I hope the yoga helps your back. I had a little back pain around that time too, and my doc gave me a pamphlet with stretches to help ease pregnancy back pain. You could see if your doc has something like that too if the yoga doesn't do the trick.

  6. Awwww. You look adorable!

    Congrats on 22 weeks. Your little one will be here before you know it!

  7. How fun! I love that you planned your trip around food! I would totally do the same thing! Your baby bump is absolutely adorable! :)

  8. Love the new belly pic! You look so cute!
    And all that amazing looking food has now made me super hungry! lol
    Glad you had a wonderful trip. And isn't feeling baby just amazing. I miss that private time between Lil Pea and I.....but then again now I have her in my arms. Congrats, less than halfway to go!!!

  9. I love the belly photo!!! Congrats on 22 weeks!! Your precious little baby will be here before you know it!!!

  10. Yum....In & Out! I'm so spoiled to have one here in Arizona...and they just opened a new one on my drive home. Unfortunately (or is it "luckily"?) it's on the wrong side of the road to conveniently stop by on a daily basis--but it's definitely enjoyable. :)

    I also just posted an update from Janet and Baby Madison (she's here!).

  11. omg, your baby bump is adorable! wait'll your LO gets bigger, those kicks will sometimes be so strong, you'll jump!!!

  12. Congrats on 22 weeks!! Love the belly bump :)