Monday, September 14, 2009

the waiting game

I hate waiting in lines. I don't like making other people wait.  I would suck as a waitress. I hating being put on hold for a long period of time by cable companies over the phone.  Do you get the picture yet? I hate the 2WW!! 

Since I O'd last Monday I've been trying hard  NOT think about it at all but of course I'm analyzing every twingey cramp-down-there I feel, looking closely at the TP for any signs of anything, and just plain getting obsessed with "am I or aren't I?" !!

I need to relax.  I need to wind down.  I'm fighting a cold right now so that has my body very tired and feeling lazy in general. I'm waiting patiently (ha ha) for my Tracey Anderson Mat Workout DVD to arrive - I can't wait (!) to start this workout b/c I need to get off of this every growing arse and get fit! Because everyone knows when winter rolls around, it's hibernation time.  For me, anyway ;)

A shout out and congrats to Nicole and Cheryl for their recent BFPs - I'm so so happy for you ladies and I hope this week flies by so I can find out whether or not I'll be joining the club!

I leave you all with this chuckle for the day:


  1. Last month was my first real 2WW and it was absolutely horrible. I tried so hard to convince myself ahead of time that I wasn't going to stress..yeah that didn't work. I will be praying that you get your BFP!

    Also huge favor! Can you teach me how to link the name with the site like you did with Cheryl and Nicole? I wanted to put a shout out to Cheryl as well and have no clue how to do it!!

  2. cute new layout!

    Good luck in your TWW. I hate that time but I hope and pray that this is the last one for you!

  3. I'm right there with you...right down to O-ing on Monday (or was it Tuesday)? My husband's birthday is Thursday, and I really wish that I could give him this "gift" for his birthday...but I have to remind myself that he'll be excited whenever it happens. Take care!

  4. Well I will be thinking of you and my fingers are crossed. Hoping you get your BFP this month.
    Thanks for the congrats. I can't wait till the end of the week also! Actually the end of this month so I can maybe start to relaz a bit.
    *Sticky baby dust* Good luck!