Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is a funny thing - Mini makeover

Ok so I fiddled with the background templates and read up on how to play with HTML and...ta da! I *think* I'm happy with what it looks like so far. I added in a picture in the header that I snapped last summer of the gorgeous flowers in my mom's garden - isn't it such a pretty colour?

I also decided to update my Blog Title because when I first started this blog, it felt like life was playing a cruel joke on us by getting pregnant so 'easily' and then to lose it just as fast (hence, life is a funny thing). But the more my heart and soul has begun to heal, the more that I understand that all I really need, to get through all that lies ahead, is love. Eternal love from God, honest love from my hubby, protective love from my parents and sister, compassionate love from beautiful strangers in blogosphere.

Coincidentally, "All you need is love" are the very words that I had stamped on our chopstick holders at our wedding reception. The chinese character means Love and I found a stamp at Michael's with cursive writing 'all you need is love'. It was super cute and just perfect for the 200 handmade chopstick holders. It's too bad my picture doesn't do it justice.

So that's it for the mini makeover for now. I hope it's not too much hassle that I changed my blog title (I promise it will not happen again ;) but it's still me, just made over.


  1. LUV IT! Did you get it off the sight I sent or you found another? If you need help with anything else you can alway's email me @
    yes i know, im not a blonde anymore. i have actually had the same email address since i was in highschool, which is were i for some reason got the nickname Blondie. (i used to be VERY blonde)
    And I love the heading too!

  2. love the new look. and wow, that picture of the flower is goregous!