Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some details before I forget

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and words of encouragement.  I know it's going to be a long road ahead so I'm just going to take it day by day and keeping remembering the mantra, 'today I am pregnant" and whatever happens will happen because it was already written in God's plan for me.

I finally had a decent sleep last night after the previous night of tossing and turning. I woke up this morning in a bit of a daze, as if yesterday was just a nice dream. But then I remembered the "+" and that I had to do another supp.o.sit.ory shove after my morning loo. Right back to my reality. ;)

I know when I was in the 2WW I was obsessed with symptoms and what other women had experienced so here's my rundown of what I remember:

CD14/15 "O day" - dull cramps on my left side

4 DPO - I got sick with a head cold, lasted for 4 days

7-9 DPO - face breaking out like crazy , tired all the time

10 DPO on- consistently waking up blazing hot (I never charted so I have no clue), exhaustion

11 DPO - DH noticed the girls were quite full and round

12 DPO - periodic cramping (like about to get AF),boobs feeling heavy and sore when bumped, wave of nausea hit me on the way home from wedding reception (to the point where I had to rip off of my restricting strapless bra in the car, on the freeway)

13 DPO - burping, cramping off and on, heavy boobs, queasy feeling at night, peeing in middle of night, noticed strong smelling pee

14 DPO - crampy twinges, nausea more noticeable throughout day and night, more aware of certain smells, peeing in middle of night

15 DPO (today) - crampy twinges off and on (but a bit less than yesterday), nausea in the morning before food but not as much as yesterday

that's all for now!  Off to my appt in a few hours so I'm praying for a good first blood draw. One of many to come I'm sure!


  1. Thinking of you and hoping your blood draw goes well!

  2. Praying you will know God’s grace today as you continue your journey.

  3. Isn't it funny how husbands can notice when your boobs look a little bigger immediately but may never say anything about new clothes or a different hairdo?? LOL!! Thanks for the list of symptoms. As you can imagine I'm sitting here paying attention to every little thing!!!