Friday, February 5, 2010

Show us Your Life - Beauty Tips and Fave Products Friday

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

I've been following Kelly's Korner in the last month or so and she always has a 'Show Us Your Life' series every Friday where bloggers from all over can participate and today's is on sharing beauty tips and fave products! So I thought I would give it a go and jump in!  (it's nice to have a non-IF post once in a while, right ladies? :)  

I'm super dedicated to my products and I get distraught, I mean, devastatingly distraught when my products for some reason or another, get discontinued! So I always have to keep a 'back up' just in case.  But for now, here are a few of my can't-live-without faves that I wanted to share with you! 

So in no particular order: 

I love love this new organic shampoo and conditioner I found (and available at Walmart!)  It's Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo & conditioner (try saying that five times fast!). It really invigorates your hair and wakes you up in the morning because it leaves your hair feeling super clean and the eucalyptus leaves your head feel all tingly and fresh - also a bonus - it contains no laurel/laureth sulfates! 

Next up is another product I've been using in the last few months for my face wash - lately with all the hormones and stuff my face has had it's not so great moments -- but I feel that ever since I switched to Burt's Bees Soap Bark (organic again) face wash - it has really improved my skin by calming it down and not having a lot of crazy breakouts during those fun times when AF comes to town. Bonus: paraben free, phthalate free and sulfate free!  

Since we're on the topic of skincare, I have to mention that I unfortunately have been blessed with the blackheads' curse (sounds like something out of a pirate movie LOL) - specifically, on my nose. So to keep up, I have been using Earth Therapeutics handy dandy Extractor tool to get a squeeze on those yucky b-heads and say sayonara to them for good!  

Now onto make up! I don't wear a whole lot of make up but I always want to keep a fresh, simple look.  I always start off with a good moisturizer though, and I use Neutrogena's Fine Fairness cream (unfortunately it is not sold in North America - so whenever I go back to Hong Kong or know someone that is - I request a stock up!) 

For brows, I absolutely love Smashbox's Browtech Wax - it really keeps your brows shaped and in place - and it's a perfect base for filling in your brows to give it that definition and shape. I'm all about looking natural and this definitely does the trick! 

Now a pet peeve of mine is when by the end of the day, my liner or eye makeup (for special occasions) is no longer on the top but all under my eyes. Don't we hate that ladies? So my perfect solution for that is to apply a thin base of MAC's paints in Untitled.  I usually apply this first and then go work on my brows so it can set a bit (it's like moisturizer consistency) - then I can go on to do my liner. It really holds it in place and unless you rub your eyes or have a crying fit during the day - your liner stays where it should! 

My sister introduced me to Sonia Kashuk's bent liner brush (super cheap like 6.95 at Target! whenever we go over to Buffalo for outlet shopping - we hit Target to stock up on these!) They are so perfect and precise in applying liquid liner - and has the right firmness so you won't make any smudges where you don't want to.


Another passed along fave from my sister that is in my arsenal is MACs Fluidline in Blacktrack.  I believe I bought mine in August of last year and I'm still using it - this stuff lasts forever! 

As I mentioned previously, I don't like to wear a lot of makeup on my face, but I still want an even, glowly skin tone. That's why I *heart* L'oreal's Bare Naturals Mineral powder.  I only use where I need some coverage, and it's so light it doesn't even look like you are wearing make up!

I love a rosy glow! NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower is my FAVE and just a little dab and swirl of it on your cheeks gives you an instant healthy glow and I never leave home without it on!  (yes that's actually my blush in the picture below - on my table runner :)

Lastly, (and this is the sad part) my favourite lip colour from MAC called Urgent - from their Slimshine line. It's the perfect colour for my skin tone and I was so sad when I recently found out that this is going to be discontinued and I've been frantically going from store to store to find it but haven't been successful yet! I might have to resort to buying them online before they disappear altogether!

So there you have it! My fave products that make me happy!  Enjoy your weekend ladies - and if you have time - share your beauty tips! 


  1. Thanks for the tips!

    The past few days my family has been battling the stomach bug--yuck!! So, my beauty tip (or goal!!) for today is: shower, get dressed, do your hair and put some make-up on! Time to quit looking like a zombie!

  2. Hi! Gave you an award over at my blog. Check it out!

  3. Love Burt's Bees for lips. It not only keeps them moist, but relieves cracked or dry lips.

  4. Thinking of you and praying for you today with your appointment. I'm anxious to hear what the specialist thinks. God bless!