Monday, February 8, 2010

Signs and results

Today was the Big Day to find out my results from the 1001 bloodtests that were ran on me and DH back in December (mostly on me, DH only had a few blood tests done - lucky bum!)

And so the verdict is...

all is normal. 

Karotypes normal, no clotting disorders, no issues with anything that would signal Ah-Ha! that's maybe why you haven't been able to carry a babe successfully to term. Exception of an ever so slightly elevated thyroid result on the anti-thyroid antibodies test.  The dr. explained that there is no direct co-relation between that and recurrent miscarriages, but he prescribed me a very very low dose of medicine that will balance it out and then we can cross that off and rule out as anything, just in case.  I don't know too much about this so of course Dr. Google will be my BFF once again. If you have heard anything on this please do share! 

I had mixed feelings when we were told that 'all was normal'.  I think maybe they were even a lil' taken back when I said - ugh, really?! as a response. Because as you ladies know, I had sort of hoped for something to be 'found' that was treatable - and not just a '3 times unlucky' thing. Because that can be scary. And that can kinda mess up your mind about this whole baby making thing.  Logic says that if everything is fine, then what is going on? 

I am grateful however, that our chromosome testing came back normal - if anything, I was worried about that was going to be the issue but thank the Lord that DH and I don't have freaky chromosomes that don't like each other. I'm very happy about this piece of news.   

Other than that, I am to start progesterone suppositories (yuck) on Day 18.  Also in this 'treatment plan' will be baby aspirin (which I've been taking since before #2). Apparently what my OB had prescribed me before was Prometrium not progesterone - I thought they were the same? Did I mention that these are really much larger than the prometrium pellets I was taking?! These are like - really big candy corn? That's the best way I can describe it.

I guess now that I have these suppositories along with the aspirin and with the anti thyroid antibodies medication, it will feel like I'm doing something different, and hopefully this will be just what I need to carry a real live baby to term.  

My blog title today is 'Signs and results'.  What signs do you ask? It's funny how when we ask God for a sign, He well, literally, speaks to the universe to give it to you. 

As DH and I walked from our car to the dr.'s office building,  we passed a car with a license plate:  BFPK *** ; then a restaurant aptly named, Eggsmart, and last but not least, the Fresh Start Coffee stop.  

I kid you not! 




  1. Yay for normal chromosomes! And aside from the "really??" feeling, yay for being perfectly healthy (aside from the controlable thyroid issue). It is such a huge blessing to be healthy. I pray that these signs lead you to your dream. (Did you see my post on pennies as signs?). God bless!

  2. Did they check for a mutation in the MTHFR gene? It is a little controversial, but so far I'm proof that treatment of extra folic acid, baby aspirin and lovenox is a good cocktail after two m/cs. My RE tested for it and my OBGYN doesn't really believe that it's a problem, but she's not changing my txt plan. Getting close to 13 weeks and hoping it will work!

  3. I feel bad saying this, but I'm sorry there isn't anything wrong with you. I thanked my doctor when she told me about the MTHFR (even if it might not even be a cause). I was happy to have a reason. I was hoping you'd have the same result - at least something!

    Here's to your fresh start! I hope the small changes are exactly what you need!

  4. That is bittersweet news. I had the same results a few months ago. Like you, I was relieved that nothing was wrong, but at the same time, I wished there was something that could be fixed. Hopefully you'll have a living baby soon!

  5. Hi Anonymous - yes they tested for MTHFR gene and I don't have it - but I have been upping my intake of my folic for the last few months! Glad to hear you are doing great at 13 weeks!

  6. Isn't it weird to kind of wish something was wrong?? I was also super nervous about the genetic testing too. I hope that this is just the beginning of your good news.

  7. Glad everything came back ok. Hopefully the new meds are the missing link.

  8. Well I am sorry but also happy to hear about your results. Sorry because month after month of seeing my RE and still not getting PG I wanted something to be wrong! And yet I didn't. So emotionally confusing! But this pregnancy I was on the progesterone and extra Folic acid so who knows. I was diagnosed with MTHFR, but I just really am not sure that was what it was. My homocysteine levels were checked the beginning of this PG and came back normal. Everything I've read says not to worry about MTHFR unless your homocysteine leves are elevated. I still don't know but am FOREVER grateful for my Lil Pea miracle. And I can't wait to hear when you get yours!!!

  9. *hugs* Its good that you don't have any disorders to worry about, but I can also understand the need for answers. The prometrium/progesterone I thought was the same...either way it can't hurt.

  10. I was bummed (in a way) when they said they couldn't find anything wrong with either of us. It's sort of like when you bring your car to the mechanic because it's making a noise, and they tell you it's fine. You KNOW it's not. So irritating.

    If you have any questions on the progesterone, feel free to e-mail me. I was on it for a loooong time. (I suggest that you wear cotton panties and try to sleep without underwear on if you can. The progesterone can increase your chances of yeast infection, and you can't really treat it while you're on the progesterone. YUCK.)

    I totally believe in signs, and I think you got a few good ones!!